Fluff’s Top 5

Lies and other small fibs I tell my kids

  • You will get another biscuit AFTER you finish your lunch/supper. (please note that by this time they have had waaay too many biscuits in any case so you know I’m not going to be giving them more).


  • If you just go nap/sleep/eat/be quiet (etc. etc. etc. insert your own version here) then we will go tata (go out). (You know we aren’t going anywhere.)


  • It’s broken and it must be thrown away. (It’s not really broken; I just can’t stand the noise that they are making with said object/toy.  And in case you’re wondering, I do give it back. They just think it’s another one.)


  • If you just eat this for mommy, I will give you a biscuit. (Yes, I can sometimes be a briber. But have you met N? She is so fussy with food I think fussy people should avoid her!)


  • Yes, yes! If you just lie still and not kick me in the face while I am changing your nappy, you can bloody get whatever you want! (I somehow regain control of my sanity as I am done changing them. You see a kick to the head can momentarily cause one to say really stupid things.)

Yes, I know none of these are very good parenting techniques and will definitely NOT win me the Mom Of The Year award.


One thought on “Fluff’s Top 5

  1. The list however is not exhaustive, you seem to forget one : The mans gonna fix it! This for everything else that is too big to be thrown away.

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