Amazing Little N….

I will forever and a day be amazed at the strength kids possess. Strength that enable us as parents to actually be calm enough to go through whatever needs to be done without having a complete meltdown.

N went for her procedure yesterday and she was such a trooper. My baby handled it with the style and grace of someone waaay beyond her years. She took the gas mask and didn’t nearly have the fit I thought she was going to have. A little bit of a struggle, but that part went well.

When she came out of surgery she was still asleep. And woke up as peaceful as a lamb. No crying, nothing!

She is now breathing so clearly I had to check last night if she was breathing! Yes, I was utterly and completely paranoid. You see, after a while of being able to hear her from afar when she snored, to now hearing nothing, it can be just a bit scary.

Just happy that her experience at the hospital was one where she wouldn’t have nightmares after.

All’s well that ends well.


Anything surprise or truly amaze you about your kids recently?


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