Its A Celebration…

I would never in a million years have thought that I would have gotten to this point.

Yes folks, welcome to my 100th post! A 100!! Can you believe it? I am so proud of my little blog haven and it has flourished from strength to strength.

I originally started blogging in 2010. That didn’t last long though. It didn’t feel entirely right. I stopped. I left it for a bit and thought that maybe the blogging world was just not for me. And then the bug somehow bit again somewhere in the middle of January 2011. I did a bit of “umming” and “aahing” and eventually decided that the “bug” was too strong to resist.

So in Feb 2011 I started A Little Less Fluff. And my how good it felt! It just felt so right. Like it was what I needed. Like my very own therapy session. It felt good. Just the right fit.

And well now I have reached 100 posts! Awesome! Hehe! Yay Me!

And a massive Thank You to those who have commented on my site and who have given some wonderful advice. I appreciate each and every one of you! You’re awesome!!

Yeah, You Know You Are!!


Gimme A High 5 Baby!!


Let The Party Continue!


4 thoughts on “Its A Celebration…

    • It is so theraputic (have no idea how to spell! lol!). I now just need to get my lazy ass in gear and blog some more. Check new blog post where I beg for forgiveness. 😉

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