Oh So Close…

Over the weekend the twins got what I can only describe as those puzzle mat spongy thingys. You know, the ones that connect like a puzzle and have the removable letters and numbers in them? The ones where the removable letters and numbers also have tiny removable pieces to account for the gaps in the numbers and letters? The ones where, if you connect them all together, you have a fairly large sponge mat with all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 – 9?

Good I see hope you get what I am referring to.

Now to the issue at hand.

My kids get bored quickly. I mean really quickly. It is very difficult to keep them entertained (with normal or even educational toys) without them causing utter chaos and destruction. Imagine my surprise when this puzzle mat spongy thingy held there attention for more than 10 minutes. They played so nicely. Granted I had to divide the lot up so each one had a spongy mat thingy of their own to fiddle with.

It was so good to see them playing like this. A was attempting to, and on some occasions actually getting it right, to name the letter, or number or colour of each puzzle piece. When he learnt to read certain letters and numbers is beyond me, but I digress. N was removing and putting back in the letters and numbers. She was so proud of herself as she put the letters and numbers back in their correct slots. I was so happy. Could this be my saving grace from the chaos that normally ensues in my house?

Alas folks, such is the story of my life. The fascination lasted a day. One. Whole. Day. I reckon should be proud of that though. But the damage of having removable letters and numbers within these spongy pieces was too much for my kids to handle. Before I knew it, N had one in her mouth. A on the other hand thought it a good idea to throw them all around the place.

So now there are, inevitably, some with teeth marks and some that are missing. I say missing because I really cannot be arsed to go searching in every nook and cranny to find them. They’ll turn up eventually. Or maybe L will find them first.

In the meantime I am comforting myself that one day my kids will actually take the time to appreciate the toys they receive. And mind you it’s not like they have many as we don’t want them spoiled. So where this comes from I haven’t a clue.

And so, the “fun and games” continue.



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