We All Need A Good Laugh…

I need to laugh.

I don’t mean the nice little chuckle or giggle as such. I’m talking about the laughing so hard your eyes water, nose runs and you nearly pee your pants laughter. I haven’t had that in a while. I need it now. Crave it. Granted I don’t feel like nearly wetting my pants at work, but I’ll settle for close to. 😉

Using my investigation skills (actually just scouring the internet for a bit) I came up with these beauties. Now it might not make you all laugh as we all have different things that we find funny. But these made me choke on my coffee (which nearly came out my nose) they made me laugh so hard. All via Uberhumor.com

Go check out the rest!

Enjoy these for now though.


Forever alone explained via natural selection


Yup, that's it.




Self explanatory













Feel free to share any funny goodies with me. I love it! 🙂



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