Wordless Wednesday…..With Words (aka: WTF Wednesday)

Hi! My name is Yasmin and I swear (or at least in this messed up head of mine) I suffer from narcolepsy.

No. I am being serious.

We had a meeting/training session the other day and I fell asleep not once, not twice, but three times. I am hoping no one noticed. Well, no one has said anything so I reckon they either are embarrassed for my part or they are just letting it go. It wasn’t long moments of napping though. I mean like less than 60 seconds. But I reckon it was noticeable. I mean it was such a nip of a nap but the person talking faded completely. I am embarrassed to say the least.

Amazingly my colleagues were more focused at our fellow colleague across the table who was also having a nap. I guess sometimes it’s good to be irrelevant. I am sure the person conducting the meeting/training session had full view of me though, so I doubt that she didn’t notice it.

I have, as before and as always, mentioned that I am tired. This week and most of last week is of epic proportions. I’m just exhausted. As in totally exhausted. I have started to now just doze off at my desk too! I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is not like I am not busy. It is hectic here at the moment as end of academic year will be upon us before we know it. So its rock and roll all the way. But my exhaustion is probably going to kill me first. I swear on my life I have never been this drained before.

Added to the other issues as of late, and I am probably a walking mess at the moment. I cannot concentrate for more than half an hour at a stretch and will then need to do something like take a walk to appease my back (that’s another whole issue altogether btw). Then of course it’s the forgetfulness. Complete and unabashed forgetfulness. If I don’t wright it down on the one day, I will not remember it the next day. I constantly feel like I have had a HUGE meal, when in actual fact I haven’t eaten in a couple of hours (and no it is not constipation. I am actually perfectly fine in that department thanks.) . There are a number of other things (which concern me) which I care not to write about right now (I might at some point) that contribute to my head being a mess. 

But I shall take it in my stride. One day at a time. Actually I am lying. I mean one hour at a time, because that is all I have the ability to do right now.

 If anyone has any freaking idea what is happening to me (maybe I’m turning into a Zombie) feel free to email me:  alittlelessfluff@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…..With Words (aka: WTF Wednesday)

    • I’m thinking that I’m just gonna do intense research on the subject. But then I think of the thinking and research involved and then I become tired. Sigh.

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