Murphy, Thou Art A Heatless One…

Ok, I am going to say it.

I. Hate. Appliances.

There. I said it. I feel better.

Appliances have the ability to screw us over at every turn. It’s like it is planned! It must be or I am going to go on an ass whipping expedition to locate Murphy. You have all (hopefully) read about the experience I had not so long ago about our TV tendering its “notice”. You will also have read about the mission it was to get a new TV. If not, read here and here

Folks, this is the way Murphy lulls you into that false sense of security. You know, that period where you eventually sigh in relief and think that that will be the last appliance hassle for at least this year? Yeah, about that…

Yesterday morning I was in the process of making breakfast when I head off to the fridge to get the milk for that all important first coffee of the morning. I open her up and wooosh!! It is fucking (excuse the language here) like an oven in there!! Yup, my fridge had decided, while we were blissfully sleeping to tender its “notice”.

In its “gracious” departure it had made sure to only let half everything that was occupying it go off. I was thankful. And pissed. Like fucking money grows on bloody trees!

And so today, we are off to purchase a new fridge. On account. Which essentially is more bills every month. For my sanity this expedition had better be hassle free or I swear the damage is going to be irreparable.

So,  how will you be spending your start to the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Murphy, Thou Art A Heatless One…

  1. I’m with you on the appliances…so frustrating. I had to pay $100 for a man to come out and “fix” my dishwasher, which is still broken. And, incidentally, it’s less than 3 years old.

    Hope you got a new fridge and all is well again!!

    • Fridge expidition went perfectly smooth. Someone mustve known my sanity was hanging by a thread! lol!

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