Snot Brigade…

We all hate getting sick.

I can’t stand it. The mere thought of snot everywhere, and not being able to breathe and a fever is just sucky. Of course as luck would have it, that is exactly where I am right now.

You see A has a cold. That type of cold where the nose doesn’t stop running and it progressively becomes thicker and greener. It’s gross. He obviously doesn’t care. I do. I have been trying my utmost not to be a germaphobe and concentrate on him getting better. I have also been very careful not to try and catch said cold. Apparently not careful enough.

He is now in that stage of half better half sick and in the process (of one day mind you! One freaking day!) I have gone from


So healthy and wonderful!

To this…


And to make matters worse? N hasnt caught it yet. Neither has A1. So the snot brigade is to stay in our house just a little longer.

2 thoughts on “Snot Brigade…

    • I am hoping it departs the household soon. Thanks hun.

      Sometimes drawing (even though I completely suck at it) can be quite cathartic. 😉

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