Paranoid Irrationality…

I have issues. I am the first to admit it.

You see my paranoia levels as well as my levels of irrationality are not on the normal scale.

I think that I am generally way too overboard with certain things. Maybe it also borders on hypochondria?  Who knows?

I have many of them.

Some for example relate to health….





Some relate to food…




And some relate to my kids…


These are just SOME. I have MANY.

Yeah, I know, I got issues.


3 thoughts on “Paranoid Irrationality…

  1. Welcome to my world.

    I often make the husband eat the food I’ve just spent a gooood long while preparing first just to make sure that I don’t get poisoned. Or in the event that I DO get poisoned, at least I won’t be alone.

    • I know right? Its like some sort of weird psychological thing. I’m just long past analyzing it! Lol!

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