Should I Be Concerned?

My children are hooligans. Really they are.

They are destructive. Of which I am sure I have mentioned this before.


Now A, as of late, seems to think or live (I dunno) the fact that he is an army man. He takes any little object (a guitar, blocks that are made in the shape of a gun, or any other random toy) and prances around like he is walking through the jungles of Niquaragua. I mean really. He is stalking something to shoot. He also has fake battles. Amusing and concerning to watch really.

Yesterday was one of those times that were concerning however. He was in the throws of playing when L asked him to bring her his takkies (sneakers). He was in the middle of his game, picked them up and threw them at her. One rogue takkie landed square on her nose. To which she, being an easy bleeder, got a nose bleed. A nose bleed which carried on and off for about 2 hours. She maintains it was an accident as he was playing. But I feel like dirt that my kid is so rough and nonchalant about just doing things like this. I feel bad. She says its ok. I think its not. Both A1 and I reprimanded him last night. He didn’t seem to grasp what we were on about. Maybe he had forgotten about it since it happened in the afternoon. I actually am at a loss here.

I have taken the liberty to show you (in a drawing) what we see and what he thinks he is in his mind.


Most of the time he can be like this….

All of the time (probably) in his mind he is like this….


3 thoughts on “Should I Be Concerned?

  1. OMW thats brilliant!

    Jensen currently believes he is either a frog or a rabbit and BOUNCES everywhere…

    Its a little embarrassing in all honesty 🙂

  2. Those pictures are fabulous! My boys have all been destructive. John once hit Taryn with a book and gave her a nosebleed. He’s 15, and as far as I know not a serial killer. At least not yet 😉

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