Where For Art Thou BlackBerry??

Ok, so by now I think EVERYONE knows that the Blackberry services are down. Crashed. Dead. Whatever.

What the people who are fixing (or attempting to, whatever) it fail to realize is that I am dying a slow death. Literally. I am lost. I can’t get on Twitter or Facebook. And my emails are not coming up as speedy as I would like them to or I am missing emails entirely! I am losing my mind.

Why don’t I use the normal net you may ask? Well, here in South Africa the cost of data is ridiculous. To spend an hour or more on a normal pc on the net just costs too much. Yes, there are data packages that can give you ample data per month, but not everybody can afford that. We have a nice 500mb data plan and it suits us just fine. We have Blackberry’s you see.

Which brings me back to my point.

They. Need. To. Friggen. Fix. The. Problem.

And soon.


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