The Real Story…

Lately A has been asking me to tell a story of the three bears. It’s cute.

Except I never get to the end. The story telling bit comes after their night bottle and they’re chilling (aka running around like maniacs like its the first time they have played today) before bed time. He will politely come lie down on the couch and say “story mommy” “three bears mommy”.

So, I duly start telling him the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I get right around the part when Goldilocks enters the house and he loses all interest and leaves to run around with his sister. Maybe I am telling it wrong? Maybe it’s only interesting up until that point? Maybe I should alter it a little bit.

Something like this …

 Once upon a time there were three bears. They all lived in a wonderful house in the forest and were happy.

One morning they heard a knock at the door and when daddy bear went to open it (because mommy bear was still in her pj’s and wouldn’t even attempt to open the door looking like that), there stood a young girl. She introduced herself as Goldilocks and said that she was rather hungry and wondered if the bears could spare any food, a place to rest her aching legs and possibly a place to take a nap.

Daddy bear told her to hold on he would check. Daddy bear then relayed this information to mommy bear who, still in her pj’s, was trying to get some clothes on baby bear’s ass so that he would look half decent and was trying to keep an eye on the porridge.

Mommy bear huffed and stated that she can’t deal with that now and for daddy bear to sort it out.

Needless to say Goldilocks ate all the porridge, ruined the chair she was given to sit on (the one mommy bear told daddy bear to fix ages ago) and, when mommy bear eventually found out what was happening, Goldilocks slept in daddy bear’s bed as daddy bear slept on the couch.


The End


You think he would sit still through that story?

Any other stories that you think could be modified?


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