Where My Mind Wants To Be…

I’m sitting on a deck with the sun setting before me.

My chair is as comfy as can be.

The cool breeze dances around me and tickles my skin.

I overlook the lake and watch the sun slowly desend into its night time slumber.


I close my eyes and listen.

The faint calls of the birds calling to one another make me smile.

I hear the crickets already chirping away to gather for their night time party.

I hear nothing else.

Utter peace and quiet.

I take a deep breath and savour the moment like it is of the juiciest fruit imaginable.

This is where I shall stay. This is where I want to be. This I shall make my mental happy place.

This shall be my haven when life seems to be interfering with my sanity a little too much.

Yes, I like it here…


4 thoughts on “Where My Mind Wants To Be…

  1. OK, your little place of heaven sounds absolutely DIVINE!

    I swear, one thing I would kill for would be alone, in a wooden cabin, with a glass of good wine, a great book and a setting sun overlooking a lake. No kids, no husband, no worries…

    Just to be alone with your own thoughts, your own emotions and your own body (by that I mean not having a child climbing all over you every second of the day) would be the best present anyone could ever give me!

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