I’ve Been Missing…

I’ve been missing. Yup, just kind of bundled away into the hustle and bustle that is everyday life.

I don’t like it. I feel lost.

Where have I been? No, not on a vacation (I friggen wish!), no not enjoying some peace and quiet time. Where have I been? Work, kids, work, kids and more work and more kids.

Somehow I have been sucked into that black hole of “don’t get time to do anything”. It sucks.

I have decided today to blog because I cannot and will not let myself be sucked any further down that black hole. I will take a few minutes (even if it is a couple of minutes, it is better than the nothing I had before. Baby steps people) to do something for me. I will not tolerate the fact that I don’t get to even have time to go to the bathroom properly anymore. It is up to here and no further.

The tantamount exhaustion I am experiencing is likely to cause me to fall over in a corner unnoticed. I rather think no one would notice I was missing. Anyways that’s beside the point I’m trying to make here.

Work is becoming an almost unbearable load as we nearing the end of the year and we are just not enough staff to cope. And with certain staff members just staying out of work with shit excuses it adds to the pressure of trying to get things done before we close for the holidays. Granted I am not as experienced as the rest, it makes my job that much harder. I am trying to cram in knowledge that has taken the rest at least 2 or so years to learn in a two month period since I now am filling in for maternity leave girl.

The kids will be three come the 17th and they are still their usual rambunctious (because I can’t think of one word to describe “are-killing-me-slowly”) selves. They are truly growing up fast and I hope I make it to see them grow into responsible adults. 😉

As for now? I am taking it one step at a time…



One thought on “I’ve Been Missing…

  1. I’m so sorry that you have so much on your plate! This seems like a common theme for all of us, doesn’t it? Work. Kids. Work. Kids.

    I hope get some relief this weekend my friend.

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