When On Earth Did She Get There??

This morning before the ass crack of dawn (03h37 to be precise), I felt a kicking in my lower back. Followed by a pulling of my hair. I was half asleep and completely out of it as usual. I’m mostly “out of it” these days, but that’s a WHOLE other story.

Anyways, I “swat” at whatever it is thinking it might be A1 or something to that effect. Except I hear a very light moan. I groggily turn around and to my surprise N is in the bed. WTF??

I politely kiss her head and pick her up and put her back in her bed. I sleepily retreat back to my own bed and hope that I can fall asleep again in order to just get a little more time before the 04h30 alarm for work starts to blare. I close my eyes.

Only to be awakened by the blaring sound of my alarm at what seems like 2 minutes later. WTF?? How did time speed up all of a sudden. And also to my non amusement I have N staring at me in the face again. Double WTF?? How is she so quiet in terms of sneaking into the bed? I reckon A1 and I are probably so damn tired we don’t even hear her climbing into our bed. Maybe she had a nightmare. She didn’t wake up screaming and crying at all.

And to boot just before leaving for work the power in pretty much all of where I live goes out.

Why does this feel like remnants of a Monday??


4 thoughts on “When On Earth Did She Get There??

    • They’ll probably grow up to be ninja’s! Lol!
      Yeah, day got slightly better. Power came back on.
      Work still sucks however.

  1. Your Tuesday definitely sounds like a Monday. The power being out would certainly set me off! I’m glad it came back on though…and hopefully work won’t suck too much longer…

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