Serial Toucher

N is what I like to call a serial toucher. She. Touches. EVERYTHING!
I can’t stand it! I know that it probably has a lot more to do with the age my kids are at, but geez, I cannot stand it!

The interesting thing is that A is not as into it as she is. Well, more along the lines of touching and examining it and after being told not to touch, he politely obeys. Weird huh? A kid who on more than one occasion who listens? Yeah, I know, scary. Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments that drive me round the bend, but the touching thing is about to break me!

No matter how many times one speaks, begs, pleads, yells, screams and on occasion smack on the bottom, this kid WILL NOT listen! Wtf?? I almost think she is doing it to get a rise out us! Maybe its for attention rather than being “explorative”. I’m leaning towards the former.

Whatever the reason, it just is inevitably turning me more grey than what I already am.


3 thoughts on “Serial Toucher

  1. My twins are 1 months old (almost) and I can tell I’m going to have one of each too… right now they are battling over a talking phone. It’s hard just letting it go but here I sit typing your comment instead of intervening! Eeek!!! I’ve got two older boys too… as long as ONE is listening each day I feel I’ve accomplished something! ha!

    • Totally get what you mean! One listening is definitely an accomplishment! They should make medals for us! Haha!

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