Like Drones In A Beehive…

What is it about the festive season that turns people into mindless drones doing what needs to be done and being stressed and angry all at the same time?

We went Christmas shopping this weekend (late, I know, but when you’re dependent on money first being available to shop it kinda dictates when you do the shopping) and people are stressed out and angry!
I look at parents with their kids shopping this time of year in packed Malls, exhausted and at their wits end. I would have been one of those parents had I not begged my folks to take the twins for a bit while we got this done and out the way.

Didn’t mean I wasn’t part of the drones that became increasingly agitated and was somewhat full of anxiety (I don’t do well in large crowds) by the end of our shopping trip.

I cannot seem to understand why we are that way when we are not that way throughout the rest of the year. Malls always have people in it and are rarely empty. So what is it about Christmas time shopping that turns us batty? Is it maybe that prices are highly inflated? Is it that Christmas (like Easter and any other holiday) has become so commercialized that we almost forget what it’s all about? It is open to debate for ages. One I will not get into here, but feel free to leave an opinion.

As Christmas draws near I wish peace, love and happiness to you and your families.


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