Conversation With The Boy…

A: I wonder mommy…

Me: what are you wondering about hun?

A: mmmm aminals

Me: A N I M A L S

A: *blank stare* (more like ‘don’t be stupid mommy’ stare)

A: a polar bear and camol (? Lol!) and…

Me: and?

A: dinosaurs…

(This conversation at after 07h00 in the morning. The kid is only 3 yo.)


2 thoughts on “Conversation With The Boy…

  1. I think I always have this kind of conversation with my kids especially with my seven year old daughter. She will keep bugging me with out-of-this-world questions anytime of the day and when I come up with the most sensible answer, I will receive a blank stare that means “I think you’re out of your mind, Mom.” But it is always fun talking to kids and most of the time, the conversation really feels weird.

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