They Surprise Me Everyday…

I will say one thing about having kids. They surprise you when you least expect it. Mine seem to do it quite often. And just when I think I couldnt be surprised by anything they do anymore, there is always something left in their little bags of tricks.

I am really happy for my little N. She is really starting to speak like a little person.

Ok, so there is still some incoherent babbling in between, but those words she does pop out are as clear as day. And not just a one word type of thing. No, no, she has progressed onto a three sentence structure. Perfect to go with her age. She is in fact a normal little girl by all accounts. I think sometimes we tend to forget that when we look at A and how he speaks pretty much on par with a five year old or sometimes even 6 year old. My son, while on holiday, befriended a boy twice his age and could hold a proper conversation with him. I sat back and watched the interaction and you would swear my kid was the same age as the other little boy. That’s A. That’s how he is and that’s how he will always be.

My twins are only three years old and they are definitely not the same. But I love them both equally. Just as much as they equally piss me off sometimes.

They are not identical so essentially they are like two totally polar opposites who happen to share a birthday. That’s it. Nothing more.

We were at one point getting a bit concerned that N was still babbling about by the age of 2 and half. But somewhere in between two and a half and turning 3 she has been spouting out words left right and center. It makes my heart smile and she seems happier now that she can actually get through to us better. Granted when she gets excited her talking comes at a pitch that could call dogs. But I love it. Except when I have a headache. But I really do love it.

As they both progress I am fascinated by their ability to soak up information. And words. We are now so careful to speak certain things in front of A as chances are he will mention something that isn’t kosher in front of other people at the wrong moment. Seems mom and dad conversations will be done in private, or whispering. Depends. That goes for swearing too by the way.

I am excited to see what happens as time goes on and they eventually get to school going age. My little N is average (for now, because I tell you what, she is super clever at puzzles. Almost weirdly so), and A is well, I don’t know, A. 🙂


2 thoughts on “They Surprise Me Everyday…

    • I am so hoping that is what will happen. Because added to that they fight like cats and dogs! haha. Maybe it is a sign they will be the best of siblings when they are older. 🙂

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