That Bulge Story Again…

I was rushing down the passage at work on my way to another colleague’s office when for some reason I looked down. I stopped dead in my tracks. 

Since when did the skirt I was wearing sit above my ankles and not ON my ankles?? WTF??

That f*cking bulge of a stomach that used to be flat until the kids stretched it beyond proportion with their big ass bodies was causing trouble!

So instead of the skirt sitting on my hips it is sitting at an unflattering angle on my waist causing the bulge to look like I am pregnant (oh hell no!) again. And the length makes me look like I am dressed like someone 30 years older than the 30 years I am currently.

So. Not. Amused!

To illustrate my point:



3 thoughts on “That Bulge Story Again…

    • Haha! yes, I think I’ll be giving those a skip till I can think of a way to rid myself of the buldge without over killing myself!

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