Potty Training SOS!!

Ok, so this is a situation that I require help with. It’s one of those situations that could not turn out too well.

We are currently in potty training mode in our household and so far it’s going ok. Well at least for A it’s going ok. He is convinced that when he is fully potty trained he will go straight to college. With his brain, I wonder. Haha! So he, essentially, is not the problem.

N however we are struggling with. She sees underwear and starts screaming like someone has cut off her toe. We eventually got her to wear the underwear, but yesterday’s information from L is concerning me.

Yesterday morning L put on underwear for N. This went ok. And when N had a funny look on her face (aka I need to pee but am not going to tell you, you have to just guess), L dashed her off to the potty. And then? Nothing. Nada. Zip. This apparently carried on all morning right up until nap time. Which she duly napped with underwear and didn’t even wet herself in her sleep. At about 12h30 the afternoon she STILL had not made a wee. Ever observant L was worried she could make herself ill by not going and duly put her on the potty (as she once again displayed that “face”). Again, nothing. L figured that N needs to wee so in order for N to just get it out she put on the nappy. N then proceeded to wee that nappy full to the point of it seeping through!! My child had been holding it in for that long!!

This is of concern to me because if she has learnt to hold a wee in, it won’t be long before she learns to hold a poo in and that could make a kid REALLY ill.

I thought she would really just get over her aversion to using the potty once she saw her brother wasn’t having a problem. I guess its gotten to a point that she simply does not want to go.

It wasn’t that long ago that she successfully made a pee and a poo in the potty and even gave herself a round of applause. She then the same day proceeded to wet herself and didnt like it one bit. She does not enjoy being dirty AT ALL. I think the aversion might have stemmed from that and we have been really patient with her up to now. But this needs to be done and I am now at a loss.

So my question to moms out there is this:

Have you gone through a situation like this?

What was your remedy?

I would appreciate any advice you might have because right now, I think I am stumped.


5 thoughts on “Potty Training SOS!!

    • We praise her (the once or twice she did before all this started) to the point where you think she has won the Nobel Peace Prize.
      Not sure what to reward her with though.

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