I Get Completely Stumped Sometimes…

There are just certain things that kids do that completely defy belief or just plain set me off.

Or maybe it’s just my kids that make me stare open mouthed at the crap they do or come up with. Or alternatively make me so angry I need to just walk away and breathe.

For instance:

*  Looking me in the eyes while drawing on the wall. Smiling.

*  Spitting or gobbing on our arms. Why? I DO NOT KNOW.

*  Throwing the box of toys on the floor, and not playing with it! The aim was just to throw the box of contents out on the floor. 

*  Screaming for the food they want (they don’t always get what they want but on occasion they do) & then NOT wanting to eat it once it’s been made. This infuriates me to no end.

 *  Getting new shoes and those will be the only shoes that will be worn. FOREVER. Or until a new pair is bought, but by that time the previous new pair are beyond repair!

 *  Throwing things.

 * When they scream so loud that you get to a point when you think your ears are actually going to bleed.


It’s no wonder they grey hairs just keep on sprouting!

There are probably loads more, but I caught some type of bug or something and am feeling crap and my brain wont/refuses to work. To add to my misery I am at work. Yes, at work. I should have stayed at home, but damn that tiny little bit of responsible person in me. Have two meetings today. Maybe I’ll secretly get a noddy badge.



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