We All Need To Be Honest Here…

I have always said that the need for moms to be more honest about motherhood is the key to helping one another.

I have been wanting to blog about this for a while now, but as you have noticed it’s almost like I have been swallowed by the world.

I read a post from Celeste over at Reluctant Mom today and it resonated with me. It’s like she has my brain!

Do yourself a favour and read this post and if you genuinely can deny that you NEVER EVER  feel like this at times (regardless of whether your kids were planned, unplanned, or you struggled to conceive), then, well good for you.


Feel free to leave comments about this on here too. I love a good debate.

6 thoughts on “We All Need To Be Honest Here…

  1. Hi

    You sa my comment on RM’s blog but I just need to say that last nite was blissful. I get a call from DH saying that the terrorist is being a terror. So be WA.RN.ED! So I take the long route home and drove like I was being chased by the devil himself(speeding is therapeutic for me. really).

    When I got home I was in a happy space, Dh went to nap and Joshua & I jumped on the bed, ate chocolate and cookies. Sat on the table(yes both us us – we just ignored the chairs) and ate pasta. We laughed & played and even woke DH with the noise. HEHEHE. Eventually at 8:15, we were both passed out on his bed. I got into my bed at 10pm and told DH that both Joshua & I need that time to re-affirm our love for each other.
    If we didn’t, then one of would be having a sleep over at a friends house. BWAHAHHA!

    Last nite was good. So I’ll cherish it ‘cos glory knows when it ain’t good it’s uggggggly!

    Good luck. Hope you find some mojo soon.

  2. Meh. It’s a nice rant. I have seen this kind of rant before although usually a bit more sweetened up because usually the writers of the rants at least acknowledge that they were the ones who wanted the kids in the first place. That’s kind of what sticks with me: “If you really feel like this about being a mother, then why did you have THREE (3!) kids?” I mean, an ‘oops! shouldn’t have done that’ with number one I can understand, if it sucks so much, but three???

    I replied something like this earlier on someone’s blog: Of course I am overwhelmed at times. Lisa is now starting to really get into her tantrums and oh boy, that’s a joy. I know the feeling of grabbing a handful of poop when I’m actually in a hurry. I know the wonderful alnighters too – double so with twins, perhaps. I know what can be known, and I have exasperated what I have exasperated. I often feel like I need a drink, and I often just want to switch the kiddies OFF for a while. Last week saw two kiddies sick, first one then the other joined and continued for a while after the first got better, and me, and the guy near burnout. I was HARD! And yes, I may have cursed at one point. Or two. Or several.

    Still I could not write a post like this. I have had all the time in the world to think if I really wanted kids (it was hardly an ‘oops!’ for us) and during that time I have made sure to look around at what the parents around me were really experiencing. The good and the bad. If you still have kids after seeing that – and having THREE of them! – and then expressing disappointment that life is not all roses… I dunno. Maybe she wasn’t paying attention?

    (Boy, I do get the critical note in on your blog these past few times don’t I? Sorry to be so bothersome. I’ll definitely try to comment more often when I totally and utterly agree with you, too! :D)

    • I like your comment! But each to his own. I get that sometimes people just need to vent and then they feel better. But sometimes people might have doubts about certain choices. Ag, fck. I’m trying to explain someone else’s theory/life when in fact I have no idea what they’re going through.

      This is me: That’s exactly why I decided that one child it is for me. And my darling agrees.
      I also look at the good and the bad of other families. I love my child and I would seriously die for him but I’m just not willing to have anymore kids.

      • Hubby and I were only planning to have one child and that was it. But clearly the heavens above decided otherwise! I love them dearly but there is not enough money on this planet to make me have more kids.

      • Nope, me neither. Two is just fine. I wanted two because I wanted them to have a brother/sister but when it turned out it wouldn’t be easy for us, I had happily settled for ‘just’ the one. They became two but I guess I’m lucky that they’re not too much of a hassle so far: no (substantial) sicknesses or behavioural problems or anything like that. Yet. This one pregnancy means that I’m done. The guy speculates about having another set but nope! Not for me. Since there is technically nothing wrong with either of us, I could get pregnant again (although I’m not counting on it) but I’m taking anti-conception. Twins is quite enough, thank you!

      • Twins are MORE than enough. I just don’t think I could be pregnant again. I had braxton hicks at 26 weeks and that stress was enough. Luckily they waited their time (after two steroid injections). But yeah I wouldn’t cope with more kids. I just couldn’t. We initially wanted 1 child. But obviously it didn’t turn out that way. They are my life but they are enough for me. They drive me mental and have had really bad days. I think all moms do. Doesn’t mean I don’t love them. 🙂

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