As I sit here at my desk (at work) I look and my screen and all the paper work that surrounds me and for a second I forget what it is I am supposed to do. There are numerous things that need to be done and I havent got the ability to care. Plain and simple.

My will (or lack thereof) to do what needs to be done has totally left me. I recently looked at the time and it occurred to me that I have been so busy from the time I set foot in the “hell hole” that time has escaped me completely. I have now no energy or capacity to carry on for the rest of the day. Pathetic really, but hey I get stuff done. Being overloaded with work is no easy task you know.

You may ask yourself, “then what the hell is she blogging for if there is sooo much work?”. Well that’s pretty simple. I enjoy blogging. Did I once say I enjoy work?


One thought on “Thoughts…

  1. Hey you 🙂
    How are things going?
    I just read your “latest” post and I am currently going through the EXACT thing! Its 2pm and I am sitting here, swamped with work but browsing random sites that I just havent had the time to do in ages!

    Its pathetic really!

    How are we supposed to enjoy life if we are so busy trying to get through the mud?

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