Seriously….here’s the deal…

It occurred to me the other day that in order to not frustrate myself about neglecting to make regular posts on my blog (coz, I really do have stuff to talk about, I just never get that far to typing it out 😦 ), how about I just blog a really good post at least once a week?

My time is so constrained these days that I just cannot blog as regularly as I used to. However I would rather walk over hot coals than see my beloved disappearing into cyber space forever. I have really thought about it and figured the best option was to put up one post every Friday and if I am able to, possibly a post Wednesday and Friday. I know now that it sounds very much like I am declaring my blog a chore. I AM NOT! I love this blog. This blog has helped me vent when I need to and has been a source of comfort to me since my followers are fantastic!

I didn’t start this blog for recognition. I started it out of a need to not perform exorcist type moves and start climbing the walls because of frustrations relating to being a new twin mommy and being at home when I was totally career orientated. It helped give me an outlet that I so desperately needed.

Time has passed since those posts and now I am a working mommy and dealing with the challenges regarding life’s ever changing cycles and the ups and downs that come with it. I see the growth of this blog similar to raising a child. From its fledgling status it has grown into something wonderful to be proud of. I might not have hundreds of followers, but those that are there should know I appreciate each and every one. To actually just try (still) to come to grips that someone out there in cyber space is actually reading what I have to say (even if I must admit that sometimes I tend to ramble and rant a bit too much! ) I am proud and will continue to go forth in the blogosphere! 🙂

Wow, that top bit was really deep.

I mean every word.

PS: I know it’s not Friday today. Haven’t lost the plot quite yet. Still early in the year.

2 thoughts on “Seriously….here’s the deal…

  1. Welcome back 🙂

    I am in the exact same boat. I have so many thoughts dancing around in my head, some serious, some ridiculous and others that just shouldnt ever see the light of day and by the time I sit down and want to start posting life just gets in the way again!

    Dont feel pressured into blogging. Do it when you can. We will all still be here 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Its like I have in my head what I want to write, and then by the time I Eventually have a split second to write it, it’s like sometimes I hit a wall. That or I’m just too exhausted. Oh well, like you said, do when I can. Thanks again.

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