We Did Go On Vacation…honestly…

So towards the end of last year we decided to take a road trip to Cape Town with my brother and sister-in-law. Awesome. We were looking forward to just getting away. Believe me I needed to just get away.
And so the planning began.


We were looking for self-catering accommodation as with kids it’s kind of difficult to go to a hotel. We clearly under estimated how difficult it would be to find a place. We needed one overnight stay halfway to Cape Town and then 5 nights in Cape Town.
Tirelessly we sent off requests and just when there seemed that there was no hope, I managed to secure a place for the one night. Cape Town was looking rather difficult.
My brother then stated that he had found a lovely place and the owner had available. We were relieved. Finally, something!

Move forward to the day we depart and it is one of those blistering hot days which makes you want to hide under a rock for shade. Since my brother was leading the way, we assumed he would know the directions to our overnight stay that I had booked. He didn’t. We drove in circles. I eventually called the owner and we managed to arrive there. It was HOT. And we were all grumpy.
However, the place was lovely and we very much enjoyed our stay.

Our plan was to go past Oudtshoorn and take the kids to the crocodile park and then head off to Cape Town. We heard that the temperature was a “wonderful” 38 degrees celcius there. Needless to say we headed straight for our main destination. It would have just been cruel to subject the kids (and us) to that kind of heat.
We eventually arrived in Cape Town and were looking forward to just relaxing at our accommodation. What the owner did not tell us is that her nice venue was booked and she was taking us somewhere else! This “somewhere else” turned out to be a last minute favour to a friend who would rent us his student digs for our stay in Cape Town. Some service delivery right there folks! Seriously? We walked into this accommodation and…

and if we were eating it would have been….

Needless to say that after one night there that was it. No ways would we spend another second there. After much negotiation we ended up at my aunt’s place. Crowded, but manageable.

We took the kids to Canal Walk and out to Kirstenbosch Gardens. I will post pics, soon.
It was a short but ultimately good stay. Hopefully should we do this kinda trip again, lesson is to book waaaay early!


2 thoughts on “We Did Go On Vacation…honestly…

  1. OMW! That is shocking! You really should name and shame that guesthouse owner! Seriously!

    Also, why didnt you let me know? We could have had some coffee and a play date with the kids 🙂

    • I know! I wanted to go on a full out rampage of name and shame and then as per usual with things I set out to do, it went away.

      Sorry! Yes, I wanted to contact you to go for coffee and meet up. It was honestly such a short trip that we ended up not doing half the things we set out to do. Will most definately do next time. There will be a next time, I am determined to make it happen! 🙂

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