Puppy Love….

So recently we had a new edition to our family. A Toy Pom. Dear heavens this thing is just too cute. TOO CUTE!
Which you obviously know would mean that my judgment skills on when its actually being naughty is heavily impaired!

The kids cannot get enough of him. He meaning Oscar.
Yes, that’s what I named him. I like it. It makes me smile. 🙂

And yeah it definitely feels sometimes like there is another baby in the house. But he is a quick study of things and knows just which buttons to push.

Potty training is just NOT going fast enough for me, although I am very much aware of how this breed takes a bit more time to house train.

Yes, I said house. Me of said germ issues, got a dog that is essentially a house dog. I have been doing well on that front. Not entirely as obsessive compulsive as I thought I’d be, but vigilant enough to be slightly annoying I think. I grow daily. 🙂

On that note ladies and gents, meet Oscar. 🙂


Not a flattering pic, I know, but that was too ridiculously cute not to post. 😉


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