New Lease On Life…

I know the title sounds rather dramatic, but I swear that is the way it feels.
So much has happened since my last post that I am sure if I had to put it all down the post will go on for a long time. I will try and sum it up to the best of my ability.

I have always figured that something was not just right for years now already. But you know how life is, you kind of just cope and carry on. I realise now with the stressors I have had over the last years the signs were always there. Always. I have just somehow managed to cope all along. That is until my body decided to raise the alarm for me.
After months of speculating as to what my rapid weight loss could be about, including tension headaches and all kinds of other situations, I finally went for tests. Full on tests. I had avoided this forever.
It confirmed what I thought all along. Chemical imbalance leading to depressive disorder. Years. Years of denying the fact had got me to this point. Years. Besides a possible future thyroid issue, the main catalyst was the imbalance.
I now am on meds for a 6 month period after which I shall be evaluated again. I do feel it has made some difference. I see more clearly now. More clearly than I have in years. My head does not feel as cluttered. But I shall continue to monitor my own signs of improvement or none.

On the endometriosis front, well, its kind of a situation where there is little to no ovary function. Pre mature ovarian failure (I’m seriously not that old), I think those were the words used. I dont think this has affected me as much since I have my twin lovelies. Had I not though, it would have broken me. Making above situation 100 times worse. But am attempting some oestrogen treatment and we see how that goes.
On a side note: The comments recently by TV “doctor” Dr Drew has raised a storm amongst the endo community for calling the disease a “garbage bag diagnosis”. The shit storm surrounding Dr Drew has still not died down. Which is right by me. Endo is such a silent disease that there are millions of women suffering with this. Every awareness that has been raised about this disease has basically taken a knock by the “doctor’s” comments. Rest assured the shit storm is far from over.

One major change for the better is that I finally did find new employment. I actually start the 5th. I am super excited for the first time in a long time about work. This is the direction I am wanting to go and so many career opportunities that I can barely contain myself.
Those of you who have read my blog regularly will know the issues I have had surrounding the “hell hole”. Well folks, I am finally rid of that place. FINALLY. It is actually a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It came at the right time (mainly due to situation above) in that I feel it will speed up the process of not having to be on meds of the kind I am taking now.

I think that is about as short as I can keep it without mouthing off for pages and pages. I would at least like to have you visit again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have any of you had an experience where denial has led to something drastic health wise? Let me know in the comments. Would love to discuss.

Until next time….


6 thoughts on “New Lease On Life…

  1. Being diagnosed with depression is rough. You can fight now, however, knowing what you are fighting against. That is a good thing. I wish you all the best in your battle against this rude disease. Take especially good care of yourself. Keep on writing. I really enjoyed reading! ๐Ÿ™‚ -Lisa

    • Thanks so much for your kind and supportive words.
      Yes, I hope to update my blog more regularly this time around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi ! I live in chronic pain and I’ve been fighting depression for years and years so I think I know how you feel. The first step is to understand what is going on and possibly treat it with medication and/or therapy and/or anything else that works for you. Personally I don’t take much medication anymore, it helps at times but not always. Long walks in the countryside, talking to friends, my daughter, my dog and some meditation help me through bad times and when none of the above works, I rely on medication. I can tell you from experience that if you take good care of yourself and really listen to your body, it really helps to get better in the long run. Somehow I think acceptance and awareness make it all easier. So good luck on your journey, I hope my comment will help a little. I really enjoy your blog, I hope you go on writing more posts. Good luck for your new job as well ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks so much for your input and support Alice. It really is appreciated. I’m glad I’ve finally come out with it and to know its not just me.
      And yes, I really hope to blog more regularly than last year. Last year was pretty rough.
      Thanks again xo

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