Those Little Game Changers

It is truly amazing how kids constantly change. I mean just when you’re getting used to their mannerisms, they change the game with something new.
Case in point: N & A started Grade R this year. I know N to not speak as much as her brother. Her communication skills are not where her brother is. I also do not under any circumstances compare them as every child develops in their own way. But people, two days! Two days is all it took for this little madam to develop communication and language skills that I have never seen before! Which is great. Except the attitude (diva) that came along with it.
I am now just a tiny bit concerned that she can be easily swayed into whatever and I have always encouraged my kids to be themselves. I could, of course, be completely paranoid as usual. And granted, she is only 5. Right? Right????

A on the other has decided that he, upon entering the world of Grade R, would turn into a complete smart ass. He now has a tendency to speak to us and Nanny L like we were never educated and sometimes tells you instead of ask you. That, ladies and gentleman, pisses me right off! I am currently on the ‘corrective measure’ train to get him out of this particular mannerism he has learned. He is a bright boy by all accounts, but no one likes a snotty know it all. One who sometimes comes across as pompous and arrogant to boot! I am sometimes surprised by the level of language that comes out of his mouth. He’s bloody 5!!!

They also have managed to develop the ‘skill’ of changing their minds every two minutes. You can buy them something nice and apparently it isn’t the bloody favourite anymore. I’ve taken to not surprising them with stuff. Its easier to just ask what they like. Because along with the ‘I change my mind every two minutes’ ability, they have also mastered the ‘utter outrage that you don’t even know what I like’ look. Manipulative is what I call it.

Be that as it may, there is one thing I can guarantee, they certainly keep you on your toes. Unless you’re exhausted. Then perhaps its a slight murmur in the background.  😉


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