OK, seriously…

​Parents, let’s get real here for a second. Let’s just get real and discuss the issue like the adults we are. Or supposed to be. 


What’s the deal hmm? Is it just me or are they piling the kids pretty strongly these days? I’m not saying I have just noticed it, I’ve actually been debating this for the last two years (mostly with myself and the Hubs). If I can recall (which is sometimes hard), we really didn’t have THIS much homework everyday when we were at school? Especially not at 8 years old! Besides that fact, it is also repetitive homework. What is the deal here? 

I actually recently saw a video comparing kids from Finland vs United States regarding homework. Interesting indeed. Did you know that Finland has the best education system in the world? I repeat, the world! I duly went and googled this to see exactly what the hype was about. I was not disappointed. I am most certainly not advocating that there should be a no homework system etc etc, but do yourself a favour and google “Finnish Education System”. Watch the vids on YouTube. And yes, I know I am comparing apples and pears here, but it is still damn interesting.

Like I said I am not advocating anything, it is just amazing the results Finland is getting with the changes they have made over the years regarding their education system. Percentages/rankings in Math and Science, for example, for Finnish students are one of the top in the world. Its amazing to see. Would that sort of system work here in South Africa? I honestly can’t say. There would be a tonne of work to do first. 

Aaannyyyways, in between classroom work and extra curricular activities, there is homework Mon – Fri. It is exhausting for kids who aren’t even a whole 2 digits old yet. I feel for them. My two are troopers through it all though. But I know there are those parents out there who struggle daily. And its not easy. What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear.

Until next time

A Little Less Fluff

Go Home School, You’re Drunk…

I think my kids’ school is trying to make me look stupid. Or mind fuck me. One of the two. Because either I am completely inept in reading notices etc that they send or they forget what it is they put in their damn notices to begin with. I’m not one to complain (I lie, I complain a lot (have you read this blog?), about a lot of things, but I digress…) but surely if they put something in one of the letters they send home regarding clothing or an event etc, this is, by rights what is supposed to happen right? RIGHT??

Let me paint the picture for you:  the kids started school this week again after a week school holiday. At the end of term they receive a calendar and notice regarding the new term etc. Sport start up being one of them…
Last night, it being a Tuesday, (at bed time, because clearly any other time from when I come home from work is just not appropriate) my Son says to me “Mommy, we must wear sports uniform tomorrow, since we have sport”. I smile, thinking ‘Oh dear, he has again mixed up his weeks’. I duly respond “no hun, sport only starts next week remember?” He then protests “No no! We have to. Teacher (I will not use her name) says we must wear since we are doing sport tomorrow!” He always has sport on a Wednesday. I was about to say…’your sister did not have sport today’ (since her sport day is on a Tuesday) when piping up from her room my Daughter says “We did sport today! It wasn’t fun in my school uniform!”
Calmly (or as calm as I could be inbetween deep breaths) I indicated that fine, he would wear it the next day. Anything to get them to go to sleep at this stage.  I said goodnight and that was that. 

No. It. Was. Not.
Leave it to two nearly 7 year old’s to make you think you are losing your shit. I duly then went to look at the damn calendar. And there, in bold no less, it states “Sports Resumes” from Monday 19 October. I breathed a sigh of relief. Because firstly I wasn’t going completely bat shit crazy (again) and second the School was clearly having a senior moment. 

What really gets me though is the fact that this is not the first time I have engaged with my kids (to the point of them nearly being in tears) as to what they are told in class to tell us versus what is on a notice sent from said school. And if plans had changed then surely another notice or a note in their homework books would have sufficed? The kids are in Grade 1 for heaven’s sake! The potential for info lines to get crossed can happen! (I won’t get into the whole sending one of them to school in civvies (plain clothes) when it clearly wasn’t the day to do so). I mean it’s just logic. 

Long story short I duly sent my Son to school this morning is Sport uniform. 
BUT WAIT, there is more.
He then proceeded to have a near meltdown because I wanted to put his school tracksuit over said shorts and school tshirt (since it was cold this morning). “We can’t do that! I don’t want to get into trouble!” This ranting continued until I had to go and fetch that damn notice indicating that it may be worn in the event that it is cold. I showed him the notice and made HIM read it. He reads so well (insert proud mommy moment here)  
He then, and only then, agreed to wear it. By the time I got to work this morning I was dead. 

Anyone else have similar instances with their kid’s school? Would love to hear.

My little gymnasts

At the beginning of the year, one of the extra activities the kids could partake in was Monkeynastics. Awesome little venture where kids learn hand and eye coordination, balance and more. I was a little hesitant at first, but today’s showcase proved how well my babies could cope.

They balanced and climbed and jumped to (almost) perfection. So proud of them. I was most hesitant with A in the beginning since he is rather skinny. Sometimes I forget skinny doesn’t necessarily mean fragile. He did really well.

They received little medals and still had time to pose with the Monkeynastics mascots. It didn’t freak them out either. 😉


A and N pretty pretty proud of themselves

Don’t ask me what those looks are. A is going with a “blue steel” and N has her “know it all” look going for her.

They grow up so fast…..

Mommy? Why do you have scribbles?…

This was the question posed to me by my 5 (soon to be six) year old daughter upon silently gate crashing my bedroom (again) and finding me in just a tracksuit pants and bra. I was about to put on the t shirt. I’ve got to learn to lock the damn door. Also, kids can be very quiet when necessary.


Obviously, to make me feel better after probably seeing the abject shock and horror on my face, she decided to clarify. By pointing. And saying “there, on your tummy, why do you have scribbles?”

Kids are so observant. Don’t for a second think you can fool them.

Like when you’re trying to sneak in a bite of chocolate you’ve been stashing for a while. You know when you went to the hiding place it was quiet and it would be no trouble. Just when you take that bite.. “Mommy, what you eating?”. How the hell do they know?? The quiet should have been my clue. Don’t trust anything if its too quiet.
And yes, I stash treats for myself. I know for dead certain I am not the only parent that does this. Ok? Ok.

Anyway, so back to the matter at hand; the “scribbles” on my tummy. I, firstly, put on my tshirt, then sat her down on the bed and explained while they were in mommy’s tummy, her and her brother grew. As they grew mommy’s tummy stretched. Sometimes when skin stretches and then tries to go back to normal it leaves the marks. “We call it stretch marks” I finished. I was rather proud of myself at the wonderful explanation and fantastic bit of parenting I had accomplished. I deserved a treat for that. She was quiet.
Still feeling the gloating feeling of success my daughter laughed and said “silly scribbles” and proceeded to call her brother to tell him the story. Again, I should have noticed the quiet before getting all “you just won the parent to child info lottery”.

Kids – in the lead
Mommy – trying to get out of the hole

A Little Less Fluff

Difference of opinion

About a week and a half ago N was at the doctor due to Tue fact that the day before she was crying in class because of an ear ache. She had been complaining of a sore ear on and off for the last two weeks. I would gently rub behind the ear and check pressure areas to determine if there might be an infection. Whenever I did this she wouldn’t flinch or scream in pain. It would then be over and all was well. The crying in class was when I decided that maybe she needed to see doc and that he would determine what the issue was. My child does not cry in class. She can be sulky at best, but doesn’t cry. So off to the doc she goes.

There was nothing wrong. As in nothing. No blockage ( nice and clear and healthy according to doc) and of course no sign of infection. I was happy. Then came the questions. Does she grind her teeth at night? Is she doing this for attention because her twin brother gets more attention?
I was floored. Really? REALLY?? You think I don’t give her enough attention and now she is coming up with fake ailments do get it? Really? No. The answer to those questions is no. I have been extra careful in that regard. It couldn’t be.

I resolved that evening to engage with her a little more. She seemed fine. Quite content that THE DOCTOR has said her ear was good. Hardly attention seeking right? Then again would she do that just to go to a doc?

Well I have secretly monitored her for a week or more and have not changed my normal interactions with both my children. She is 100% fine. Some happy, dynamic little girl I adore and love so much.

Which brings me to a thought: was it just an attention seeking tactic? Does she merely love going to a doc like a mini hypochondriac? Or was it genuinely aching at the time? I’m still on the fence here.
I would love some feedback from other moms with multiples or moms with children close in age. Has this ever happened to you? Or something similar perhaps?

I’d love to hear the opinions on this, so hit me up in the comments section.


Those Little Game Changers

It is truly amazing how kids constantly change. I mean just when you’re getting used to their mannerisms, they change the game with something new.
Case in point: N & A started Grade R this year. I know N to not speak as much as her brother. Her communication skills are not where her brother is. I also do not under any circumstances compare them as every child develops in their own way. But people, two days! Two days is all it took for this little madam to develop communication and language skills that I have never seen before! Which is great. Except the attitude (diva) that came along with it.
I am now just a tiny bit concerned that she can be easily swayed into whatever and I have always encouraged my kids to be themselves. I could, of course, be completely paranoid as usual. And granted, she is only 5. Right? Right????

A on the other has decided that he, upon entering the world of Grade R, would turn into a complete smart ass. He now has a tendency to speak to us and Nanny L like we were never educated and sometimes tells you instead of ask you. That, ladies and gentleman, pisses me right off! I am currently on the ‘corrective measure’ train to get him out of this particular mannerism he has learned. He is a bright boy by all accounts, but no one likes a snotty know it all. One who sometimes comes across as pompous and arrogant to boot! I am sometimes surprised by the level of language that comes out of his mouth. He’s bloody 5!!!

They also have managed to develop the ‘skill’ of changing their minds every two minutes. You can buy them something nice and apparently it isn’t the bloody favourite anymore. I’ve taken to not surprising them with stuff. Its easier to just ask what they like. Because along with the ‘I change my mind every two minutes’ ability, they have also mastered the ‘utter outrage that you don’t even know what I like’ look. Manipulative is what I call it.

Be that as it may, there is one thing I can guarantee, they certainly keep you on your toes. Unless you’re exhausted. Then perhaps its a slight murmur in the background.  😉


So a New Year is upon us all and I am sure everybody is back in the swing of things. Work, kids back at school or perhaps first day of school and the usual chaos that ensues.
Before going back to work while on my vacation (all be it a short one)I tried to reflect on what 2013 has been like and lessons that I have learned throughout. The below are some of the major ones:

Kids will always be some kind of enigma. They are evolving constantly and as a parent, I have found at times that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. It could also be of course that I am a working mom, but nonetheless I find myself sometimes baffled by what comes out of their mouths. I am the first to admit that, yes, I at times do underestimate them in terms of their independence and perhaps I need to lay off the “molly coddling” as it were.
Lesson? Try and go with the flow (a little).

Kids are giant germ carriers. Really. Despite my best efforts, trips to the hospital emergency room were unavoidable in 2013. Also at God forsaken hours. *sigh* Lesson? Try to be less of a germaphobe and understand that kids will get sick. However personally, I draw the line when your kid is in hospital for 3 days. I had to restrain myself after that to not go into full sterile mode and put them both in plastic bubbles forever. *sigh* So, the internal battle continues.

The harder you work, the more people will take advantage of you. The lesson is that you can work hard and provide an excellent service, and just say no when necessary and valid. You are no one’s door mat and will not let the stress kill you. Mantra for 2014? “I will not stress over shit that is not within my control”. Yes, it’s a mantra, I don’t do resolutions. Whether or not this mantra stays throughout 2014 is debatable, but I shall give it a shot in order to avoid the stress and anxiety. Also, will look for another job.

Some health issues have popped up in 2013, but seems to be manageable. I hope. I have for a long time lived with endometriosis. Managed just fine with the help of my wonderful doctor. Things have progressed to a level which is different right now and that requires certain other treatment. But yes, manageable for now. Which I am happy about. Lesson? Don’t panic.

I recently took a look at my blog and found it to be somewhat on the side of just mom stuff and kid stuff and work stuff and… well anyway, you get the point. So look for big changes in 2014! New and interesting things are afoot. Granted it might take a while, but I am glad to still have you all around to experience it with.


It’s Not Going To Be A Good Week…

You know how I know I am going to have a rough week?

L has had to go to family for three days (as in out-of-town family). Today being day 1. She is back on Monday. I don’t think I am going to cope with how my kids are going to be over the next three days.

You see, I have to drop off the kids at my mom’s for the next three days before work and collect them after. My mother gives them free reign and they can go crazy. Aka, they will drive me crazy when I collect them after work. Aka, this is not going to be a good week.

I’m sure you know how it is when the kids are with the grandparents. With mine it takes a while before I get them to be at least semi behaved and less hooligan like. I could go into the nitty gritty of why this is but I figure it is pretty self-explanatory and frankly I feel like a zombie at the moment.

Let’s hope I make it to Monday in one piece.

I Get Completely Stumped Sometimes…

There are just certain things that kids do that completely defy belief or just plain set me off.

Or maybe it’s just my kids that make me stare open mouthed at the crap they do or come up with. Or alternatively make me so angry I need to just walk away and breathe.

For instance:

*  Looking me in the eyes while drawing on the wall. Smiling.

*  Spitting or gobbing on our arms. Why? I DO NOT KNOW.

*  Throwing the box of toys on the floor, and not playing with it! The aim was just to throw the box of contents out on the floor. 

*  Screaming for the food they want (they don’t always get what they want but on occasion they do) & then NOT wanting to eat it once it’s been made. This infuriates me to no end.

 *  Getting new shoes and those will be the only shoes that will be worn. FOREVER. Or until a new pair is bought, but by that time the previous new pair are beyond repair!

 *  Throwing things.

 * When they scream so loud that you get to a point when you think your ears are actually going to bleed.


It’s no wonder they grey hairs just keep on sprouting!

There are probably loads more, but I caught some type of bug or something and am feeling crap and my brain wont/refuses to work. To add to my misery I am at work. Yes, at work. I should have stayed at home, but damn that tiny little bit of responsible person in me. Have two meetings today. Maybe I’ll secretly get a noddy badge.


Potty Training SOS!!

Ok, so this is a situation that I require help with. It’s one of those situations that could not turn out too well.

We are currently in potty training mode in our household and so far it’s going ok. Well at least for A it’s going ok. He is convinced that when he is fully potty trained he will go straight to college. With his brain, I wonder. Haha! So he, essentially, is not the problem.

N however we are struggling with. She sees underwear and starts screaming like someone has cut off her toe. We eventually got her to wear the underwear, but yesterday’s information from L is concerning me.

Yesterday morning L put on underwear for N. This went ok. And when N had a funny look on her face (aka I need to pee but am not going to tell you, you have to just guess), L dashed her off to the potty. And then? Nothing. Nada. Zip. This apparently carried on all morning right up until nap time. Which she duly napped with underwear and didn’t even wet herself in her sleep. At about 12h30 the afternoon she STILL had not made a wee. Ever observant L was worried she could make herself ill by not going and duly put her on the potty (as she once again displayed that “face”). Again, nothing. L figured that N needs to wee so in order for N to just get it out she put on the nappy. N then proceeded to wee that nappy full to the point of it seeping through!! My child had been holding it in for that long!!

This is of concern to me because if she has learnt to hold a wee in, it won’t be long before she learns to hold a poo in and that could make a kid REALLY ill.

I thought she would really just get over her aversion to using the potty once she saw her brother wasn’t having a problem. I guess its gotten to a point that she simply does not want to go.

It wasn’t that long ago that she successfully made a pee and a poo in the potty and even gave herself a round of applause. She then the same day proceeded to wet herself and didnt like it one bit. She does not enjoy being dirty AT ALL. I think the aversion might have stemmed from that and we have been really patient with her up to now. But this needs to be done and I am now at a loss.

So my question to moms out there is this:

Have you gone through a situation like this?

What was your remedy?

I would appreciate any advice you might have because right now, I think I am stumped.