I Clearly Never Thought This Through…

Bribery always comes back to bite you on the ass.

Don’t believe me? Well this is how it goes in my household at the moment…

A while ago I was at my wits end trying to get A to eat his supper. I then (in a momentary lapse of judgment) said: “if you eat this I’ve got a surprise for you”. Yes folks, I had resorted to bribing my child. I was tired as hell and just didn’t have the mental capacity for the all-out battle that would ensue over supper. So I just went the easy root. (Insert minus points on the Mom of the Year Award tally).

You realize that A has the most amazing memory thing going for a two year old. He will remember things that happened two weeks ago, whereas I sometimes can’t remember something from two days ago! Anyways the situation is now that whenever A1 or myself say “Please won’t you just eat this, go to sleep, pick that up, stop hitting your sister etc. etc. etc.” he then just retorts “then surprise!”

Sometimes I just suck at this parenting game.