I’m Becoming Tech Savvy…

I am like a child with a new toy! It’s ridiculous how wonderful something so small could turn out to be!

Ok, it’s not too small, it’s about 7”.

Yes folks I am in the possession of a 7” epad android. It’s B E A U T I F U L!!

I could easily spend hours on this or more, but due to other constraints like, work, kids etc. it seems to be limited. I will of course never, and I mean never, get over my Blackberry addiction. That is going to stay with me for life.

This epad makes downloading from the net a HELL of a lot better. I mean it’s faster to connect your 3G card to this little device and get cracking than to wait FOREVER for something to download when doing it on a laptop.

This little gem can be an ereader, movie player, you can download wonderful apps from Adroid app store (majority of which are free by the way!), music player etc. etc. I don’t know what an IPad is like but I am very impressed with this 7” tablet. From what I hear to download things to your IPad or to download videos from youtube etc. is rather difficult through IPad. Everything runs through Itunes. Which from the prices, I would say stick to android app store thanks.

Best thing about this whole scenario? I’m becoming more tech savvy by the minute. I never would have thought I would venture into the world of technology and actually like it! I’m learning and enjoying.

Long story short? Im falling in loooovvee! 😉

I loooovvveee it!!