I Dont Usually Make A List, But…

Summer is here with a bang and we have been having temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius for the better part of two weeks. It’s hot, humid, dry and miserable all combined. I think of all the things Summer has done to make me more irritable and have come up with the following:

 1)      It’s hot and sticky one moment and then also dry the next.

2)      Mosquitoes! Enough said.

3)      I don’t know what it is about evening time (not that it is cooler!) but any and every type of creepy crawly you can think of is out there! Ready to pounce on you and eat   you alive! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but geez it sucks.

4)      THIS!!!


5)      My kids are not sleeping well. (read: we are not sleeping well)

6)      One would think that this is the perfect weather to go to the beach. It’s not. The sun is too hot and you will burn. Seriously, you will burn. Better option would be to go to a pool at about 17h00 in the afternoon into evening as you are less likely to burn to a crisp.

7)      My kids are not sleeping well (read: me and not sleeping spells disaster)

8)      No matter how many cool showers you take you will sweat worse than you were before.

9)      Your hair will permanently give off the impression that you didn’t blow dry or straighten it.

10)      No matter what you wear, your clothes will stick to you like lint on a woolen jumper.