I figured a couple of updates are in order.

I mentioned in my previous post that my son is of late making sound effects to EVERYTHING. He can be playing with any object and will then proceed to make shooting and grunting noises that defy belief. Im of the opinion he is going to hurt his throat soon. He does it when he is sitting, playing, right before bed, while eating etc. Its bordering on annoying and slightly weird. He seems very entertained when he does this, so maybe its just his way of having a good time.

Speaking of bordering on annoying, my daughter had continued her little stripping parade. I have mention it before that she, at the moment, loves removing her clothes and it is now starting to become a concern. Strangely enough, she only decides she wants to do this at night. Rarely in the day. It baffels me and I am yet to figure out her need to undress. I have checked if maybe a certain type of clothing makes her itch, or maybe she doesnt like a particular type of pj’s, but to no avail. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Our “Survivor” challenges at home continue and as of yesterday we earned ourselves another point by Outplaying them. Felt good to at least have another notch in our belts. However, this cant be an everyday thing as it probably will kill us!