Weekend Round Up…

The twins are either getting more clever or I am just getting dumber (or older at a rapid rate).
N is starting to say words a little more clearly and has even taken to repeating words we use. She still babbles some kind of language (and I’m not kidding when I say it sounds Chinese!), but all in all she seems to be improving.
As usual A’s mouth at all of nearly 3 yrs old is waaaay too ahead of his time that it continually shocks me. He on Saturday told me what he wanted to eat, when the food was getting too cold and just the icing on the cake – “don’t be stupid”. This folks was all during supper.


A1 is a man of many talents. My hubby is a Chef by profession. He is currently the Catering Manager for a large manufacturing company. He is also very good with technology. PC’s, laptops, cell phones, consoles, gaming etc. You name it, and he is just naturally good at it. I, on the other hand, suck at technology. But slowly but surely I am learning things.
Another talent that A1 has is that he can cut hair! He just gave A a good haircut on Sat and I swear it looks better than what a barber or salon can do. I am nearly tempted to ask him to cut mine! Lol!


The weekend has been rather cool weather wise. This works out perfectly for me as earlier in the week it was soooo hot I felt practically ill. I am NOT a fan of Summer. The heat is just way to intense and I am miserable through majority of it.
Its not properly Summer yet and the heat was damn near a killer. If I make it through the Summer time that approaches, its going to be a miracle.

So, how was your weekend? Have a good one?