The Beginning

I figured that I should actually give a background to my life up until when I started this blog. I had another blog before this, but it didn’t work. This current blog seems to be going better and I am finally settled into doing this. I have wanted to blog for a while, but just either never got around to it, didn’t feel I could contribute anything worthwhile and was just plain scared. Dearest Hubby then said to not think of it that way, but do it for me. It’ll be a great outlet. I also follow other mommy bloggers and it is about doing it for oneself and to an extent helping others. With that, I set out to give it a try. The first blog I had a couple of posts, but really it wasn’t working for me. I took a break until I felt that itch again. I tried it from a different angle and viola! It is finally working for me!

In any case I feel I’m starting at the ass end here. I feel I need to give a better background of myself and my life. So let’s begin!

We discovered were expecting twins in March 2008. Now let me tell you, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the shock of finding out you are expecting twins. A1 went pale and I burst out in nervous laughter not knowing what to say or do at that point. Leaving the docs office I felt overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle one, and now the news that there were two on the way? WTF????

Then of course was the telling of my folks and the in-laws. Excitement all around! Screams all around once they found out it was twins. Glad they were ecstatic. We were still in shock. There were tons of things to think of. Our heads were abuzz with whether we would cope with two, whether we were financially stable for two, hell, whether we would live through it!

Ill admit, I was scared as hell. The first month or two I really wasn’t convinced I could do this. I had to dig down deep and mentally get accustomed to the fact that there were two babies on the way and all would work itself out as we went along. One day and one thing at a time, that’s what got me through it.
So we eventually got over the shock of expecting twins. And so I grew bigger. Now let me explain to you what I mean by bigger. I WAS HUGE! Now, I’m not a tall person, roughly about 5.5 I think. It got harder and harder for me to move around.

By the beginning of the 36th week I marched into the doctors’ office (ok, actually I did have a check-up) and said these kids were coming out the following week. After a lot of arguing etc etc doc man stated I should come for a check-up the Friday and if all was well he would do the ceaser the Monday of the 37th week. Now for those of you who are thinking how it was possible for me to just go ahead and do this and for those of you who thought this was too early, it wasn’t. At about 26 weeks already, my two were head down and ready. I was having Braxton hicks contractions. I received to steroid injections just in case they wanted to come early so their lungs would be able to handle it. Believe it or not, they stayed in! I took it real easy to make that possible. I was sore (as my skin could not stretch anymore) and just irritable.

And so it was that on Monday 17 November 2008 at 07h30 and 07h31 respectively A (at 2.5 kgs) and N (at 2.05 kgs) were born. Told you I was huge! We couldn’t have been more happier.
The first 6 weeks went by very quickly and we didn’t find it as hard as we thought. It just kind of happened. It also helped that they were good babies. Only cried when hungry. Didn’t even cry when they woke up. Still don’t actually. A1 also went to work and I seemed to manage with the two of them perfectly well on my own (while they were still of goo goo gaa gaa age)

We decided that I was obviously not going back to work once my maternity leave was done. Not by choice, more like we couldn’t find a nanny to look after two little ones. So I carried on by myself. This lasted up until they were about 11 months old. By then I had had enough. I begged my mom to find a nanny. And low and behold she did. L is wonderful. I wonder how I coped before her.

One thing you should know is that N is sensitive to different surroundings and people. If she is not comfortable, she cries like someone cut off a toe. She needs to scope things out from the safety of mommy and if an when she is comfortable she will then play etc etc. She is however, as she gets older, handling situations and people better and better. A on the other hand is a people person. Its rare that he will shy away from people. I notice however the older he gets the more he seems to want to shy away. Like I said they are not identical twins. They are only twins by the mere fact they shared a spot in my womb. Otherwise they are COMPLETELY different. The second N met L she immediately leapt out of my arms into hers. At that point I was “you’re hired!”. She is a blessing and I hope she stays with us forever!! Haha.

My two are now 2 years old. Time does fly. I have also, after being at home for so long, and dying a slow death, started working again. My posts started roughly about a month before I found a job, so you will get the idea as you go along.

As they say folks, that is the long and short of it. I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog as time goes by. It’s just me being me really.

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hi Yasmin, saw you over at Reluctant mom’s and though I will pop over. Can not seem to find out from where you are. My boy boy non0identical twins are now 3 and a half, so we are about a year ahead of you. I went 37 weeks and they were 2,950 and 3,05 kg each. Yeah – I was huuuuge.So pop over please .Will add you to my blogroll.

    • Hi! Thanks for wanting to add me to your blof roll! I shall add you to mine. Im from Port Elizabeth. I shall pop over and say hi! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Another twins mom here. They’re now 14 months, two girls, non-identical and about as different from each other as your kids. I have to tell people constantly that they’re really just sisters who happened to be born on the same day. Mine were 2680 gr and 2310 gr when they came out at 37 weeks. I was, as they say, a planet.
    Thanks for blogging. Drop by!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂
      Its amazing how the only type of connection they have is that they shared a space and were born the same day. Mine are non-identical too.

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