Sunday Blues And…WTF?

So Sunday started out to be those days when you wish you didn’t get out of bed.

Promptly at 08h45 the power went out. It stayed out the whole damn day and came back on just before 6 in the evening. WTF? No warning notices were sent out by the municipality (like they should do if they are planning a power outage for that long), no communication what so ever! I was annoyed. Seems like since Friday I was destined to stay annoyed the whole weekend.

We are fortunate that we have a gas canister outside with a two plate thingy attached to it so we could at least boil water, make food etc. So everyone was ok. And the kids were sorted for food etc. But I had to feel sorry for those with little kids and no gas.

The other end of the scale was the fact that we had to entertain the kids for all that amount of time as there was no TV to periodically keep them entertained. We were completely knackered by the time the power came on. Like literally dead. We couldn’t really take them outside as it just so happened to be one of the coldest days we have had so far this winter. Great huh?

But we survived that ordeal fine enough. It’s what happened when I made a phone call yesterday morning and the subsequent dealings of today so far.

Ok, so here is the story.

Sunday morning I make the phone call to “well known furniture store that has THE WORST customer service I have ever come across”. The manager DID NOT call me the day before as was stated to me. So I call them back and tell them, again, that I want to cancel. The response is: “Oh the lady who deals with that is not in today but I will get your documentation ready and put in on her desk for her to attend to. Also you are going to have to come into the store to sign cancellation forms”. I try not to lose my temper for fear of another stroke inducing headache and agree that I will be there Monday (today) after work to come and sign.

I make a follow up call this morning to confirm that everything is ready for me to come and sign. They know nothing and put me through to “sales guy”. I have instantly gone from calm and serene to DEFCON 5. I let him have it and state that I will be in this afternoon to sign the cancellation paperwork. He agrees. I have simmered down again.

An hour later I get a call at work to ask for confirmation of employment. I have a suspicion and ask the person’s name. They give my name. I am back at DEFCON 5. I then for the 5th time since Saturday state that I am coming in to cancel this contract. The woman on the other end just says (in a rather rude tone) “Oh, why?” I say it is because I am disappointed in the service etc. etc. The woman on the other end then proceeds to just say “Ok, fine. Bye” and hangs up. I am furious, but manage to just go have a coffee and a smoke to settle me a bit. I come back and my landline rings again. It’s like they knew I left the office or something. The call is from “Sales Guy” to explain what happened with Sat blah, blah. He apparently didn’t know the warehouse did stock take on a Saturday and…I refused to listen further. I stated that I would not change my mind and I would be in this afternoon to cancel.

What happened next defies belief. “Sales Guy” goes ahead and calls A1 and explains the story to him and tries to convince him to change his mind! A1 stood fast and said we would be in later the afternoon to cancel. Once I found out that he had called him I was seeing red again. I mean really? REALLY?

I am going to try and calm down and finish my days’ work and will after go to said “well known furniture store that has THE WORST customer service I have ever come across” and calmly get this damn thing cancelled. I do however think I am sitting on the edge and one wrong move from those people will let me, no force me, to once again act like some irrational animalistic human being.

Bah Humbug!

Here’s the deal. I HATE being sick. Number one reason why? Unlike before kids, I now cannot get any rest. Which inevitably results in me feeling crap for longer.

I hate sniffing, blowing my nose and waiting for it to reach my chest which results in a cough that sounds like I’m coughing up a lung. Oh, the joy. I also hate the fact that I probably will (hopefully not this time) pass this to one or both of the kids. Sick toddlers are no fun!

I don’t know why I was under the impression that I was invincible. Maybe it’s because half of the people at work are sick and A1 recently too, and I hadn’t caught it yet. Murphy you are truly a bastard! Luckily I went last week and got enough meds for A1 which now I will be using.

So I’m sitting at work nicely drugged and not a care in the world. Haha. What I think I need is bed rest though. And of course I would get sick when it’s going to be a super busy week at work. So no sick days for me. Can you hear the pity party bells ringing??

I reckon I will continue with the “woe is me” scenario for a bit longer. It makes me feel slightly better.  I was also supposed to start my diet today. That, as you can well imagine, is COMPLETELY out the window until I’m better. I mean it’s not right to start a diet when you’re sick right? RIGHT??

Oh, and did I mention its MONDAY!???


Seriously Monday…Seriously??

Today must be one of those days!

Why you ask?

Because it seems to be a Monday that only could come the deepest darkest point in hell. Really. It sucks!

First off, I get to work this morning and I log on to my PC. No, it won’t log me on. I try again. It still won’t log me on. Some stupid thing about “profile not found” or some crap or other. My only thing was that I couldn’t log on.

No probs, I think. I dial our IT department and get through to the help desk. The automated *&^%(*& help desk. Who in no uncertain terms tells me I am 9th in the queue and will be attended to in approximately two minutes. Every minute however, the waiting period climbs. I lose my damn patience and hang up. I go get a cup of coffee. I come back. Try again. I’m 6th in the queue blah blah blah and I make it all the way to number two in the queue when the phone just goes dead. WTF??

I go for a smoke. I’m beyond seething. I get to work at 07h30 in the morning and for the last hour I have been struggling to get hold of our *&$%^$# IT dept. I come back and I’m just about to phone again when L sends me a message on my cell to phone her.

I do. What’s going on? The power is out. Practically most of the town. WTF? What are the kids gonna have for lunch etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah. (I don’t remember much of the convo as my internal self had clearly gone into cardiac arrest and not wanted to hear another word). (The power has now been off for the better part of the morning and NO ONE knows when it will be back on.)

I can’t deal with the situation accordingly as I am at work and will have to trust L to know what to do. She is capable and I have been communicating with her via cell phone. She is also pretty savvy (yes I used the word savvy) with the gas canister we have outside. Crises averted for now.

So back to the phone I go to try again (it is now about 2 and a half hours since I arrived at work). I am number 1 in the queue! Yay! I wait. Phone goes dead. *&^%$%^. My colleague who has obviously by now noticed the smoke emanating from my head then casually mentions that an email just came through to everyone saying IT’s phone lines are down!!! HOW CAN THEIR PHONE LINES BE DOWN?? I then asked her to email one of them with an asap response needed. I waited another half an hour for someone to call me. And if their phone lines were down how did the dude manage to phone me??

Anyways, close to my fourth hour of being at work, I finally was able to log on and get to work.

The power is still out at home.

And Monday’s still officially suck.