Where For Art Thou BlackBerry??

Ok, so by now I think EVERYONE knows that the Blackberry services are down. Crashed. Dead. Whatever.

What the people who are fixing (or attempting to, whatever) it fail to realize is that I am dying a slow death. Literally. I am lost. I can’t get on Twitter or Facebook. And my emails are not coming up as speedy as I would like them to or I am missing emails entirely! I am losing my mind.

Why don’t I use the normal net you may ask? Well, here in South Africa the cost of data is ridiculous. To spend an hour or more on a normal pc on the net just costs too much. Yes, there are data packages that can give you ample data per month, but not everybody can afford that. We have a nice 500mb data plan and it suits us just fine. We have Blackberry’s you see.

Which brings me back to my point.

They. Need. To. Friggen. Fix. The. Problem.

And soon.

I’m Becoming Tech Savvy…

I am like a child with a new toy! It’s ridiculous how wonderful something so small could turn out to be!

Ok, it’s not too small, it’s about 7”.

Yes folks I am in the possession of a 7” epad android. It’s B E A U T I F U L!!

I could easily spend hours on this or more, but due to other constraints like, work, kids etc. it seems to be limited. I will of course never, and I mean never, get over my Blackberry addiction. That is going to stay with me for life.

This epad makes downloading from the net a HELL of a lot better. I mean it’s faster to connect your 3G card to this little device and get cracking than to wait FOREVER for something to download when doing it on a laptop.

This little gem can be an ereader, movie player, you can download wonderful apps from Adroid app store (majority of which are free by the way!), music player etc. etc. I don’t know what an IPad is like but I am very impressed with this 7” tablet. From what I hear to download things to your IPad or to download videos from youtube etc. is rather difficult through IPad. Everything runs through Itunes. Which from the prices, I would say stick to android app store thanks.

Best thing about this whole scenario? I’m becoming more tech savvy by the minute. I never would have thought I would venture into the world of technology and actually like it! I’m learning and enjoying.

Long story short? Im falling in loooovvee! 😉

I loooovvveee it!!