That Time Of Year Already?

As Christmas approaches and everyone gears up for the holidays, I take time to reflect on how bloody fast this year has gone.

I look at the progression of life as we gear towards a New Year and can only wonder if it will go a little less hectic and a lot more smoothly.

My kids:

The one thing that I do know is that they are really growing up to be little adults.

A has a vocab range of a 5 year old and sometimes I think he has a really old soul. He has full blown conversations with you that will blow your mind. It is really like you are talking to a child who has gone to school already. It is at times also rather freaky. We have taken extra care not to talk about certain things as he has the ability to retain info more than the average three year old. The only thing that brings me out of this line of thinking every now and then is that he has the ability (read: annoying ability) to whine and just sometimes be a complete 1 year old. Although I have just put it down to (for my own sanity actually) him being just over tired sometimes.

N is truly improving in her speech and now babbles non stop. It is a mixture of words and baby lingo at some ear bleeding high pitch. She is rarely quiet these days and has the ability (read: mind numbing) to throw tantrums to the likes which you have never seen. She is “fashion conscious” to a degree. For example: she will not wear long pj pants with a short pj top. It is either short or long. Done deal. Also if she doesn’t like the shoes you put on with her outfit it is outright war. Same goes for if she doesn’t want to put on a particular item of clothing.

Potty training is proving to be a challenge. Although A will put on underwear and maybe get it right every now and then the majority of the time he wets himself. Granted he is responsive to the potty idea and underwear. N on the other hand point blank refuses to go near a potty. Point blank refuses to put on underwear. It gets to a point that she throws a complete meltdown even when A has on underwear.

Side note: Which brings me back to her “fashion conscious” issue. She sometimes throws a fit when she doesn’t approve of what her brother is wearing. I have been trying to instill in her that A can wear whatever (read: whatever I put on for him) he wants. It has nothing to do with her. The battle continues with this however. I am convinced (read: my paranoid side) that my daughter has an OCD issue? I am not sure how you tell this with 3 year olds but I reckon I should investigate it maybe.

The battle rages on in an effort to get the twins out of nappies. It is proving to be a little harder than I imagined. I reckon A will progress well into the potty mode. He is receptive and sometimes asks for underpants. N is treating it like it is the portal to hell. Will not even look in its direction and if you show her panties she freaks like nothing you have ever seen. Will have to figure out how to work this out. Nappies are just bloody expensive damnit!


I was so excited to finally get back in to the working world after taking the time away (read: couldn’t find a suitable helper) to be with my kids. I have enjoyed that period of time and will always be thankful for it. I am not however that type of person. I need to work. It is engrained in me and when they were old enough (and we found someone suitable) I went back into the job market again.

What I failed (or maybe forgot) to realize at the time is the amount of absolute bullshit that goes on in the working world. Naturally since I am so “lucky” these days, I happened to find a job in the most F*cked up place in the whole entire world. Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating, but seriously, the stuff that goes on here and the processes just kill me. I will be scouting around next year for possible other job opportunities.


It seems that 2011 has been the “let every damn appliance and vehicle f*ck out and leave you with nothing” type of year. It is ridiculous!

We have to date:

Replaced the TV

Replaced the Fridge

Replace the bottom element of the oven

Replaced the microwave

Sent the car in to fixed like a bajillion times (of which the latest happened only yesterday!)

Washing machine was doing some stupid crap but it seems to be ok now (just F off Murphy!)

A1’s laptop had to go in for repairs

Financially it TOTALLY sucks. I am not even sure what else to say on this topic because it just sucks.

And so…

Here I sit and patiently waiting until the 21st December to go on leave for the Christmas holidays. I am exhausted and cannot wait. It has been a long tiring, trying and all around ok year.

I will probably post maybe over my break, but just in case I get lost in life again, here’s wishing all of you and your families a blessed festive season and a wonderful new year!



Paranoid Irrationality…

I have issues. I am the first to admit it.

You see my paranoia levels as well as my levels of irrationality are not on the normal scale.

I think that I am generally way too overboard with certain things. Maybe it also borders on hypochondria?  Who knows?

I have many of them.

Some for example relate to health….





Some relate to food…




And some relate to my kids…


These are just SOME. I have MANY.

Yeah, I know, I got issues.

Amazing Little N….

I will forever and a day be amazed at the strength kids possess. Strength that enable us as parents to actually be calm enough to go through whatever needs to be done without having a complete meltdown.

N went for her procedure yesterday and she was such a trooper. My baby handled it with the style and grace of someone waaay beyond her years. She took the gas mask and didn’t nearly have the fit I thought she was going to have. A little bit of a struggle, but that part went well.

When she came out of surgery she was still asleep. And woke up as peaceful as a lamb. No crying, nothing!

She is now breathing so clearly I had to check last night if she was breathing! Yes, I was utterly and completely paranoid. You see, after a while of being able to hear her from afar when she snored, to now hearing nothing, it can be just a bit scary.

Just happy that her experience at the hospital was one where she wouldn’t have nightmares after.

All’s well that ends well.


Anything surprise or truly amaze you about your kids recently?

A Little Less Thought…

I dont have much to say these days.

Its like I have almost retreated inside myself for inner reflection. Or some crap like that.

Truth is I’m still thinking about N’s upcoming little surgery on Thursday. I am still nervous. Not really coz of the procedure itself. I think that takes at the longest 20 minutes or so. I’m more concerned over her reaction to anesthetic. I’m sure she will be fine. Groggy but fine. But my paranoia and total irrationality is starting to over power me.

Since I heard she has to go in, it has been a battle between my common sense and these two evil mind terrors. Common Sense is getting weak. But shall not give up. I am truly thankful for that. Battered and bruised Common Sense shall over come and win the war!

I am also, as you can see, slightly losing the plot a bit…. :O

And now, time to have a laugh, to make us (me) feel a bit lighter.





















*credits to owners

THOSE things again…

So there we were, idly minding our business and it was nearly the kids bed time.

Someone popped by for A1 earlier and while they were chatting the front door was open. So was the window in the entrance area. It was a really nice winters’ day so we could at least open the windows without turning the house into a frozen cavern of sorts.

Anyways I am getting excited (as I usually do, such a stellar mom I am!) because it’s nearly the kid’s bedtime. You can admonish me later, but for now humor me.  😉

I look over to the lamp near to the TV ( I don’t know why but I did) and look at the ceiling. I froze. There in all their glory sat not one, not two, but five fecking mosquitoes. Now, you all know how I hate the blood sucking fiends (check here), so you can totally imagine my reaction. I. WILL. NOT. TOLERATE. THEM. I refuse.

I call A1 to have a look and he says he will see to it soon. Soon? Ummmm, I don’t think the fact that there were FIVE MOSQUITOES staring at me (and yes they were staring at me from way up there, plotting their little group attack and laughing at how they were going to suck every drop of blood from my body. Yes, I know I am being irrational.) I was starting to panic. What if there were more? What if there was a whole horde of them hiding all over the house?

I think A1 might have noticed my panic stricken “Ok” to his statement and duly when to fetch a heavy towel to kill the buggers off. We had to use that because the kids were around and couldn’t use spray. I have a thing about inhaling chemicals.

And so the splatting began. I somehow managed to get my act together and caught a stray one mid flight with my bare hands while jumping up in the air looking like something had bit me on the ass. The kids found this clearly amusing and started laughing and even clapping. I think I pulled a muscle in my side/back area.

But victory was ours and all of those creatures were done and dusted. I felt victorious, and proud and the mistress of my home once more.

That muscle in my side/back area still hurts….

Maatie Sauce

Maatie Sauce. Pronounced Maaaa – tie Sauces. Aka, Tomato Sauce. My son is addicted.

He loves the stuff! He can’t get enough of it. He has it with nearly everything. Except porridge, pasta and stew. But everything else is fair game! Although I’m sure if he could have it with those things he would.

It might also be a parenting fail on my part as it really started when he wouldn’t touch the sausage roll I gave him to eat. I added a dot of tomato sauce and, well the rest, as they say is history.

I’m beginning to think maybe it could be bad for him. Of course N being the fussy eater that she is, thinks the stuff is vile. Her face upon giving it to her the first time would make you think it was dirt she was tasting. But that’s N, always one for the most interesting facial expressions.

I’m going to do some research on the long term effects of tomato sauce because yes its now beginning to bug me and yes I am completely paranoid about it.