A Bit Of Randomness…

At the moment I feel like I have nothing important to say. Nothing to make a person giggle or think about. It’s like everything in my head is like a jumble and I am running on auto. Maybe I have stuff to say but it is probably rather random. I reckon I might be in one of those self-pity modes.


I have to sometimes laugh at my son. He has such an interesting and, I would presume, very vivid imagination. I sometimes watch him play and the facial expressions when he in the throes of playing “some army game” or other (we got him a pack of those little green army men. You know, the ones they show in Toy Story? He loves it!). He is in the moment and feigns injury to boot! In his little mind it really is a life or death situation “out there” to survive. He does however need to work on his “ninja stealth”.


My daughter is slowly improving with her speaking ability. Although not clear, we can kind of understand what she is saying now. She still sometimes babbles like a baby when she is over excited, but when she gets down to it, we can understand her. So happy about this. Hopefully we won’t have to investigate the speech therapist avenue.


I did actually have a giggle last night though. We have been speaking to the kids about the potty (as you may well know). It seems N couldn’t really care less and is just on her own mission. A on the other hand repeatedly says “potty now mommy” AFTER he has made a poo or wee etc. I don’t think he grasps it so well. He even does this cute action where he bends his knees and says “me go sit on the potty”. But he is not even near it!


L has told me that the twins have made new friends with the two kids down the road from our house. The little girl is two and the boy is (I can’t remember so clearly) about 7 or 8. A has taken a total shining to this little boy and they seem, according to L, to play very well together. I’m not sure if I should be worried about the age difference though. N and the little girl play nicely together, but N has this nasty habit of grabbing whatever the little girl has and immediately wants it as her own. I think I need to work on the “it’s not yours and if you want to play with it you ask” speech.  It might be beneficial in helping her “play well with others”. Would hate for “Does Not Play Well With Others” to appear on her grading card one day.


I have been getting more than a bit annoyed at work lately. Maybe it is just me, but I hate looking incompetent to others when it’s something that is totally not in my control or my decision to make! Also, it turns out that some people are inherently deaf when it comes to your point of view when it is something they want. How did society in general become so self-absorbed?


I am yearning for a good book to read! And when I say yearning for one I mean I would like some time to actually read one! I have some books at the moment at home that I would love to start reading, but alas, time is totally not on my side. Exhaustion is also a factor. By the time the kids have gone down for the night I am not even sure if I know how to read. Must make a plan though. Then again, I say that often too.


The level of my tiredness has reached epic proportions. I find myself zoning out at work. Not actually falling asleep, but kind of just “being” there in body and my mind is totally somewhere else. Need to concentrate more but there are days when I actually don’t care. I can’t really even work on the computer for more than 20 minutes at a stretch without my eyes watering and becoming bloodshot. I look like someone who had a little too much the night before! And I don’t even drink!


Why I Will Never Be An Artist…

I was trying to draw how I have been feeling over the last couple of days. I suck at drawing. Just suck.

Below is my attempt. The “shadows” you see are hubby and twins as just a haze as with everything else around me.




Yeah, I thought it sucked too.

Note to self: Drawing is NOT your strong point!

Odds and Ends…

So what do I go and do today? I install TwitVid on my Blackberry. Why you may ask? Because somewhere in my little messed up brain I think I can upload videos to twitter. What videos you may ask? I do not know. I’m still trying to think about why on earth I want to post videos of me (well not of me but of, well let’s say random things).

My Twitter handle is “winxatU”. Come find me. I warn you though, my tweets are not always about mommy things and I occasionally swear more for some reason and sometime I talk the biggest load of crap. So come find me at your own peril. 😉

PS: I have yet to post said TwitVid. I think as I’m typing this my bravery has called it a day and left. I will not uninstall the app however. Bravery might still try and make an appearance!


We have a long weekend coming up. Last day of work today until Monday again. I’m happy yet apprehensive. The kids are going to be all over. Luckily it’s just the one public holiday tomorrow while the next day is just a university holiday. Which means it is mandatory that we don’t come to work on Friday. A1 still goes to work on Friday and dear L will be there on Friday. Hey! I might even go get my hair done on Friday!! Can you hear the applause? Or is it just in my head?


Work has been looking up lately. I have been informed that I will be acting in an HR consultant position. Meaning I will do a lot more than the arbitrary paper work and such. I will be handling interviews, making offers etc. Hopefully when that position is advertised and I apply it will be as good as mine. We hope!


Its official, I have picked up weight (again!) I was doing so well. These pants I’ve got on today are slowly suffocating me! (Hmm, maybe the pants have shrunk?) I will not show it. Nope. Will not. The fact that sitting is becoming harder by the second and the temptation to loosen a button is becoming unbearable will not deter me from giving the game away. I shall start (clearly only after the long weekend duh!) with the diet plan asap! And the next time I wear these pants it will fit perfectly and not try to cut off my circulation! (stupid pants!)


I am on a cold fighting mission. A1 currently has one and yesterday I practically bought up a whole pharmacy so he could take meds and get better real quick. The colds and flu’s that are going around at the moment are (according to reports) rather bad. Once he is better I think we are all going to go get that dreaded flu shot. The new flu vaccine apparently has something added in to prevent Swine Flu as well, which is particularly dangerous for little ones and old people. So I should get my finger out my rear and get it done!  I also really can’t afford to get sick right now. Well can mommies really afford to get sick period??


Thought Processes

This weekend I happen to be thinking (I do sometimes actually have enough clarity to do that ya know!) about the facts of general life. How no one tells you what to expect. Ok people are always quick and easy with advice but nothing compares to finding out these things for yourself. I’m talking about general life stuff. You know, the little things that make you say “so why didn’t anyone tell me this?” type stuff. And if someone did tell you, they didn’t mention the horrible bits about it. Always the cutesy stuff, but never the hardcore WTF? type stuff.

Well in my lifetime I have discovered the following (not in order):

1) Sometimes no matter how hard you work at something you will just not ever get the reward you deserve.

2) Dreams are sometimes just that, dreams. Depending on how realistic your dream is, will determine whether it will be achieved or not.

3) Kids will inevitably suck the life out of you. It is a responsibility not taken lightly. Be prepared to give up at least 20 – 30 years of your life should you want to have them. (referring to point 2, your realistic dreams will also have to take a back seat)

4) Pregnancy is not all it seems to be.

5) Kids are cute, for a certain amount of time only!

6) You are NOT superwoman! At some point in your life you will be driven to such exhaustion that you will be physically sick.

7) Life is NOT as you see on TV! (sorry to burst your bubble, but its not)

8 ) Contrary to popular belief, you will NOT be liked by everyone all of the time. Trying to reach this goal is fruitless. There will also be times when you will have to be firm, mean and nasty. Whether you like it or not.

9) Unless you were born extremely wealthy, there will be times when you wonder how the hell you are going to survive the month. (also see point 3 as a factor in regards to this)

10) You will be hurt and disappointed a couple of times in your lifetime. This is unfortunately unavoidable. But you will find the strength to get over it.

11) You are stronger than you think!

12) Crying does not make you weak. It strengthens your resolve to carry on.

13) True friends are those that no matter how long you haven’t spoken to them, because of life’s generalities, they will be there for you should you call.

14) At some point in your life you will lose your true self. Be safe in the knowledge though that you will find yourself again.

15) There will be that ONE perfect moment in your life that you will remember until your dying day.

16) There will never be enough hours in the day! There are 24, you will just have to manage.

17) You would have, at least ONCE, considered going to therapy or have gone to therapy.

18) Some people who claim to be successful are, in actual fact, just damn lucky!

19) You can never be 100% sure what the future holds. No matter how well you plan it!

20) In order to really see reality? Take the blinkers off!

Curiouser And Curiouser

The working world is truly a place where human nature is fickle. And honestly? I hate what people become when they let the working world consume them. It’s strange to think that some people go out of their way to make others’ lives as completely miserable as possible. This, just in order to feel good about themselves or it could just be that need for power and so forth.

Did these people start out this way? Did they from a young age feel the need to belittle the others on the play ground and be the one that comes out on top? Or is it something that is learnt as you progress on the corporate ladder? I refer to not only managers that can be this way but even colleagues.

I’m wondering about this not because something happened at work today, but just because I have been noticing the behaviour of certain people and it (rather morbidly) kind of fascinates me. Are these people just as morose in their home as they are at work? Do they treat their kids the same way?

I reckon if they aren’t these so called “power hungry” individuals in their home, is it truly necessary to be this way at work? Yes, I do know the working environment is a “dog-eat-dog” world, but there are ways and means to go about things and still getting what you want. It doesn’t always mean having to be the snide talker, the belittler, the embarreser (don’t know if that word exists), the one who thinks they have it all under control when practically everyone in his/her vicinity cannot stand him/her.

So yes, it is also a known fact that you will not always be liked by everybody all of the time. But you know what? If you deal with the situation in a manner that is acceptable, you kinda wont be hated or not liked for long. People tend to accept things better depending on how the situation is dealt with.

This post might seem completely boring, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about ever since I started working again. It seems after nearly 2 and half years of not working, not much has changed in terms of office politics etc. Regardless of what industry you’re in.

Time Away….Does Nothing

I have survived the Easter break and our little getaway for the long weekend. Barely. I had all expectations that it would go well. I mean how bad could it possibly be? I clearly forgot to bear in mind that “no rules grandparents” were coming on this trip with us. Torture to say the least.
We left on Good Friday. All packed and ready to go. Twin toddlers strapped in their car seats and the two of us geared for the 3 hour trip. It shouldn’t be that bad. Shouldn’t be, being the operative word. We packed ourselves, the kids, our bags etc. into the car and left for my folks’ house. My son took one look at his grandmother and had a full blown tantrum to want to ride in the car with them. This spurred my daughter into action. And you can only imagine. This all before we even left the driveway! We eventually got going after managing to placate the twins and we were off on our journey. It was relatively smooth sailing and N didn’t take long to fall asleep. Good thing too because it was their nap time anyways. However A took another hour to fall asleep. He had been asleep for 15 minutes when we made our first stop to take a break. A1 and I left the car with N awake and A still asleep soundly. My mother just needed to watch them while we made our way to the bathrooms. That was all.
We got back and the car was locked and kids were gone and so was my mother. I took one look at A1 and we instantly knew that the kids were running rampant somewhere. How A was awake when we left him sleeping soundly I will never know. Then trying to get him back into the car (another tantrum because he wanted to ride with his grandmother and she was like “nope, you need to ride with mom and dad”) was a mission. After much screaming and performing, we were on our way again.
We made it to our destination in one piece. Or rather my sanity did. I was already dreading the rest of the weekend. Dark clouds gathered in my head and I could feel the storm approaching.
As I expected the kids were totally unruly due to the grandparent’s presence. Trying to get them to listen and do anything was like trying to get blood from a rock. Defiance was the order of the day and I was all ready to give up. Why fight the inevitable? I let the grandparents handle them until my mother came through “exhausted” stating it’s my turn. My turn? I’ve been trying to do that the whole weekend!! Why is it called a holiday when the activities are pretty much like they are at home except worse with the grandparents around?
Getting home was a similar arduous experience. Its official, I hate travelling with the kids. Its mind numbingly exhausting and I really would choose not to do it. Maybe I would change my mind as long as my folks were not with. Yes, I think that would probably work out better. Come to think of it, where was my holiday? When did I actually get time to enjoy it? I didn’t. Its like being at home with the kids just in a totally different location. I’m of the opinion holidays wont be holidays for a long time yet.
Back to work and all is well. Kids are back to being their normal selves and there is some sense of control back in our household.

Thursday Thoughts…

I sometimes sit and think of the strangest things. No, I honestly do! Little musings if you will. Why do I do this? I’ve put it down to one of two things:

1) I have sometimes way to much time on my hands OR
2) My brain just won’t shut off.

I’m thinking it’s the latter really. Anyways, here are some of the thoughts that dwell in the asylum that is my mind.

1) Why do kids choose the most inopportune moment to dirty their clothes? Like just before you are about to leave to go out?

2) Ever walked to the fridge, opened it and just stood there not knowing what it was you wanted? Yeah, been there. A lot.

3) Why do kids always want to eat the food off your plate and when you put the exact same food in their plates, they act like its poison?? (Well mine do that in any case)

4) How come getting things out of the box is a lot easier than putting it back in?

5) If paper was for eating it would have been part of our diet. Now to just explain that to N!

6) Why do they create kids’ movies that are designed to give parents a stroke?

7) I’m convinced they should start a course for moms on how to drink coffee cold.

8) Someone should do research on kids and their “mommy-is-just-about-to-sit-down-for-the-first-time-in-a-long-time-so-lets-do-something-naughty” radar.

9) Why does it always rain when the car has just been washed?

10) How come whenever I’m in a hurry the cars on the road want to drive like Miss Daisy?

11) Funny how it is that the kids will wake up in the morning that extra hour earlier than they supposed to after you went to bed later than usual the night before.

12) Why are kids’ shoes always in the last place you look after having turned the whole house upside-down?

13) Someone should invent a baby-poo-nappy-changer type of machine thingy.

I also discovered a cute little site called Nanny Deprived (www.nannydeprived.com). Its fun, with all kinds of quotes, poetry etc. And it’s all about moms! Here are some funny quotes, but please go check the site out as its pretty cool! 🙂

“I suffer from M.A.D.D. – Mommy Attention Deficit Disorder.”

“My second favourite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint – Erma Bombeck

“Cleaning up with children around is like shovelling during a blizzard”
~ Author Unknown

“Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.”
~ Author Unknown

“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylum would be filled with mothers.”
~Edgar Watson Howe

“I know how to do anything – I’m a Mom”
~Roseanne Barr

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.”
~The Golden Girls

“Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare.”
~Ed Asner