A Bit Of Randomness…

At the moment I feel like I have nothing important to say. Nothing to make a person giggle or think about. It’s like everything in my head is like a jumble and I am running on auto. Maybe I have stuff to say but it is probably rather random. I reckon I might be in one of those self-pity modes.


I have to sometimes laugh at my son. He has such an interesting and, I would presume, very vivid imagination. I sometimes watch him play and the facial expressions when he in the throes of playing “some army game” or other (we got him a pack of those little green army men. You know, the ones they show in Toy Story? He loves it!). He is in the moment and feigns injury to boot! In his little mind it really is a life or death situation “out there” to survive. He does however need to work on his “ninja stealth”.


My daughter is slowly improving with her speaking ability. Although not clear, we can kind of understand what she is saying now. She still sometimes babbles like a baby when she is over excited, but when she gets down to it, we can understand her. So happy about this. Hopefully we won’t have to investigate the speech therapist avenue.


I did actually have a giggle last night though. We have been speaking to the kids about the potty (as you may well know). It seems N couldn’t really care less and is just on her own mission. A on the other hand repeatedly says “potty now mommy” AFTER he has made a poo or wee etc. I don’t think he grasps it so well. He even does this cute action where he bends his knees and says “me go sit on the potty”. But he is not even near it!


L has told me that the twins have made new friends with the two kids down the road from our house. The little girl is two and the boy is (I can’t remember so clearly) about 7 or 8. A has taken a total shining to this little boy and they seem, according to L, to play very well together. I’m not sure if I should be worried about the age difference though. N and the little girl play nicely together, but N has this nasty habit of grabbing whatever the little girl has and immediately wants it as her own. I think I need to work on the “it’s not yours and if you want to play with it you ask” speech.  It might be beneficial in helping her “play well with others”. Would hate for “Does Not Play Well With Others” to appear on her grading card one day.


I have been getting more than a bit annoyed at work lately. Maybe it is just me, but I hate looking incompetent to others when it’s something that is totally not in my control or my decision to make! Also, it turns out that some people are inherently deaf when it comes to your point of view when it is something they want. How did society in general become so self-absorbed?


I am yearning for a good book to read! And when I say yearning for one I mean I would like some time to actually read one! I have some books at the moment at home that I would love to start reading, but alas, time is totally not on my side. Exhaustion is also a factor. By the time the kids have gone down for the night I am not even sure if I know how to read. Must make a plan though. Then again, I say that often too.


The level of my tiredness has reached epic proportions. I find myself zoning out at work. Not actually falling asleep, but kind of just “being” there in body and my mind is totally somewhere else. Need to concentrate more but there are days when I actually don’t care. I can’t really even work on the computer for more than 20 minutes at a stretch without my eyes watering and becoming bloodshot. I look like someone who had a little too much the night before! And I don’t even drink!

A1 Has Something To Say…

Not so long ago over at Ironic Mom, Leanne had her hubby be a “guest blogger”. It was wonderful.

So I got to thinking and decided why not ask my hubby, A1,  to do a post for me. He kinda looked at me and said “well what do I write about?” I said “anything”.

Well folks this is what he had to say…


 Shoot a gun daddy, shoot a gun!

So my wife recently asked me to do a guest blog post for her.  I was both thrilled and excited….  Ok, so it was not that recent, it was a while ago. And the asking was not really a request rather than an instruction!

So here goes. I have also asked the wife to leave it in its raw unedited text, as that’s what you are going to get as she is clearly my superior in the navigation of the English language.

I have always been a gamer as far as my memory goes back. I have always been able to play on multi platforms and don’t believe I am that bad.  PC has always been my favourite since that was where I was always best.  You might be asking at the moment what exactly my point is. Well it is simply this – every hard-core gamer hopes that someday they will have a kid who has decent co-ordination in order to game just as hard as dad and is at least remotely interested in it.

Since the kids were small, and I have been actively involved in their development and growth, therefore leaving very little time for myself and my passion for gaming… until recently.

The wife’s brother, thankfully is also an avid gamer. Every time we visit and he is gaming A is mesmerised by his gameplay, clearly he is not that bad.

Recently I got an Xbox, just like the wife’s brother, now the expectation is that since they can watch the uncle play, they want to watch daddy play. Fantastic! So when “we” game I set up with controller in hand and them with my old PlayStation controllers, all ready to go.  

In the beginning it was fantastic, the kids demanded that I play and I graciously accepted. It was a win win situation.  That quickly turned sour as A has no bearing on time. Now he demands that I “shoot a gun” at any given moment in his day, be it 5am or 5pm. He clearly doesn’t get that games need to load and clearly believes there should not be cut scenes!

 What have I done, I have created a monster.

Potty Time??

Trying to have a conversation with a two year old is like having your nails pulled from your hand. Painful, but it won’t kill you. In my wisdom (not sure that it was wise really) I asked A when would he like to use the potty. Kinda testing the waters if you know what I mean. It went something along these lines:

 Me: “A, when are you going to use the potty? You are becoming a big boy now.”

A: “Potty time mommy.”

Me: “Aw, hun, do you want to try and sit on the potty?”

A: “Daddy go get controller mommy” (A enjoys watching A1 play on the Xbox. We found old controllers for the kids to use. They love pretending to play games. Don’t know why we didn’t figure this out earlier, but anyways..)

Me: “Ok, yes, but listen to mommy for a second. When are you going to sit on the potty?”

A: Blank stare ….. “No sit on potty”

Damnit! I try again.

Me: “But A you are becoming a big boy now and big boys use the potty”

A: Smiles “Daddy sit on toilet for 5 minutes” (have no clue where he gets that one from!)

Me: ????

Me: “Yes ok, Daddy sit on toilet for 5 minutes, but when is A going to sit on toilet?”

A: “Look at colours on blankie mommy, blue, green, orange…” (He wasn’t pointing to the colour in particular he was kinda just rambling the colours off to distract me! Then it occurred to me: HE IS TRYING TO DISTRACT ME SO I WONT ASK THE QUESTION AGAIN!!! WTF???)

Me: “A, c’mon and tell mommy when do you want to use the potty?”

A: *takes dummy out of mouth and points to it* “Look at the butterflies mommy” (it’s actually lady bugs, but anyways..)

I give up…Like a total parenting fail on my part. I just don’t have the patience to deal with this part of their rite of passage to growing up.

So this morning I try and ask N would she like to use the potty. Her vocab not being as extensive as her brother all she said was “Pattah time?” and ran away laughing.

L is going to have to sort this one out. My psyche can’t take it. I’m not designed for this type of thing. Maybe she has more patience. After all she has raised 3 boys who are accomplished toilet goers. So why not just let her take over. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. Good plan!

Wait, what about weekends? *sigh*…….

For your entertainment (and because I am a sucker for punishment) here is a drawing about how I see this working out!