Mommy? Why do you have scribbles?…

This was the question posed to me by my 5 (soon to be six) year old daughter upon silently gate crashing my bedroom (again) and finding me in just a tracksuit pants and bra. I was about to put on the t shirt. I’ve got to learn to lock the damn door. Also, kids can be very quiet when necessary.


Obviously, to make me feel better after probably seeing the abject shock and horror on my face, she decided to clarify. By pointing. And saying “there, on your tummy, why do you have scribbles?”

Kids are so observant. Don’t for a second think you can fool them.

Like when you’re trying to sneak in a bite of chocolate you’ve been stashing for a while. You know when you went to the hiding place it was quiet and it would be no trouble. Just when you take that bite.. “Mommy, what you eating?”. How the hell do they know?? The quiet should have been my clue. Don’t trust anything if its too quiet.
And yes, I stash treats for myself. I know for dead certain I am not the only parent that does this. Ok? Ok.

Anyway, so back to the matter at hand; the “scribbles” on my tummy. I, firstly, put on my tshirt, then sat her down on the bed and explained while they were in mommy’s tummy, her and her brother grew. As they grew mommy’s tummy stretched. Sometimes when skin stretches and then tries to go back to normal it leaves the marks. “We call it stretch marks” I finished. I was rather proud of myself at the wonderful explanation and fantastic bit of parenting I had accomplished. I deserved a treat for that. She was quiet.
Still feeling the gloating feeling of success my daughter laughed and said “silly scribbles” and proceeded to call her brother to tell him the story. Again, I should have noticed the quiet before getting all “you just won the parent to child info lottery”.

Kids – in the lead
Mommy – trying to get out of the hole

A Little Less Fluff

Its A Celebration…

I would never in a million years have thought that I would have gotten to this point.

Yes folks, welcome to my 100th post! A 100!! Can you believe it? I am so proud of my little blog haven and it has flourished from strength to strength.

I originally started blogging in 2010. That didn’t last long though. It didn’t feel entirely right. I stopped. I left it for a bit and thought that maybe the blogging world was just not for me. And then the bug somehow bit again somewhere in the middle of January 2011. I did a bit of “umming” and “aahing” and eventually decided that the “bug” was too strong to resist.

So in Feb 2011 I started A Little Less Fluff. And my how good it felt! It just felt so right. Like it was what I needed. Like my very own therapy session. It felt good. Just the right fit.

And well now I have reached 100 posts! Awesome! Hehe! Yay Me!

And a massive Thank You to those who have commented on my site and who have given some wonderful advice. I appreciate each and every one of you! You’re awesome!!

Yeah, You Know You Are!!


Gimme A High 5 Baby!!


Let The Party Continue!

A Note To Colleagues…

Dear Work Colleagues

Sigh, where do I begin.

When I started here in April I was excited for the prospect of working again (I still am) and meeting other adults to talk to (maybe not so much anymore). I walked in on that first day with hopes of a wonderful working relationship and really, for a second, you had me fooled.

As time went on I noticed some kinks in the shiny “awesome working environment” armor were beginning to show. The glow of the polish was starting to fade. True colours were starting to show. I started seeing the backbiting, the gossiping, the inefficiency of staff, the lack of interest in any work related responsibilities, the superior attitudes, the bending of rules to get whatever is necessary, the cliques and so forth.

Ordinarily you would just say, why don’t you just get outta there? Well I’ll tell you why. It’s very difficult to find another job at this time of year. Also I can’t just quit because the salary helps. Also I quite like working. So my solution is basically one of just keeping to myself and if one of you are friendly enough to want to chat I shall do so.

You see, I do not need your approval of whether I am a good colleague or if I fit into your “group” to get my fucking job done. I do not need you to be holier than thou and treat me like I am some kind of intern in the beginning of a working career. Remember while you were still studying and fucking barely scraping by I was in the working world already edging my way trying to make a name for myself. I am older than you and to some degree I’m also sure your mother taught you some means of respect for that. I do not need the condescending undertones in your voice like everything is a joke to you. Some people have real problems in life rather than “I don’t have tickets for the big game this weekend, what AM I going to do! Boo hoo”.

Also, dear colleagues, maybe if there is something you have on that pea brain of yours that can assemble some thought, how about you speak to the person (whether it be me or anyone else) directly instead of looking at that poor person strangely or making “in the air comments” right by them. Its rude and you certainly have no spine if that is the way you intend getting your point across.

And finally, I am of the opinion that although some of you may think that the work place will crumble should you leave, I have news for you. IT WONT. Unfortunately, and I know this must be devastating to your ego, the work place will run just as normal without you. Yup, you heard me. It’ll carry on. I know this might come as quite a shock to you, but I reckon someone had to tell you. You’ll get over it.

Sincerely, Yasmin

Show Some Love…

I am always on the lookout for blogs that make me laugh.

I currently am laughing my ass off (or practically wetting my pants) at two wonderfully funny blogs. One of which is on my blog roll.

Kendall from This Is Not That Blog is witty, and funny as hell. She tells it like it is and her drawings are hysterical! Pop on over and say hi ok?

Allie from Hyperbole And A Half has a unique way of telling her stories. Whether it be about her childhood, her dog or general happenings, she will have you in stitches. Show some love and go say hello.

Also, ahem, if you have a look at the “juggling mommy” in the top right corner, I would really appreciate it if you clicked on her and popped over to Top Mommy Blogs. A click on the icon is a vote for me. Yes, I’m being an ego maniac again. 😉


Odds and Ends…

So what do I go and do today? I install TwitVid on my Blackberry. Why you may ask? Because somewhere in my little messed up brain I think I can upload videos to twitter. What videos you may ask? I do not know. I’m still trying to think about why on earth I want to post videos of me (well not of me but of, well let’s say random things).

My Twitter handle is “winxatU”. Come find me. I warn you though, my tweets are not always about mommy things and I occasionally swear more for some reason and sometime I talk the biggest load of crap. So come find me at your own peril. 😉

PS: I have yet to post said TwitVid. I think as I’m typing this my bravery has called it a day and left. I will not uninstall the app however. Bravery might still try and make an appearance!


We have a long weekend coming up. Last day of work today until Monday again. I’m happy yet apprehensive. The kids are going to be all over. Luckily it’s just the one public holiday tomorrow while the next day is just a university holiday. Which means it is mandatory that we don’t come to work on Friday. A1 still goes to work on Friday and dear L will be there on Friday. Hey! I might even go get my hair done on Friday!! Can you hear the applause? Or is it just in my head?


Work has been looking up lately. I have been informed that I will be acting in an HR consultant position. Meaning I will do a lot more than the arbitrary paper work and such. I will be handling interviews, making offers etc. Hopefully when that position is advertised and I apply it will be as good as mine. We hope!


Its official, I have picked up weight (again!) I was doing so well. These pants I’ve got on today are slowly suffocating me! (Hmm, maybe the pants have shrunk?) I will not show it. Nope. Will not. The fact that sitting is becoming harder by the second and the temptation to loosen a button is becoming unbearable will not deter me from giving the game away. I shall start (clearly only after the long weekend duh!) with the diet plan asap! And the next time I wear these pants it will fit perfectly and not try to cut off my circulation! (stupid pants!)


I am on a cold fighting mission. A1 currently has one and yesterday I practically bought up a whole pharmacy so he could take meds and get better real quick. The colds and flu’s that are going around at the moment are (according to reports) rather bad. Once he is better I think we are all going to go get that dreaded flu shot. The new flu vaccine apparently has something added in to prevent Swine Flu as well, which is particularly dangerous for little ones and old people. So I should get my finger out my rear and get it done!  I also really can’t afford to get sick right now. Well can mommies really afford to get sick period??


Some Blog Love

Today is one of those unpredictable days. The weather is totally crap outside. Raining, cold and not a spec of sunlight even peaking through.

But you know what? My day has been filled with sunshine. Today I have been nominated for two awards by fellow mommy blogger Bridget over at Twinisms. She has nominated me for “Lovely Blog Award” and “The Versatile Blog Award”. I am completely beside myself with glee as, well as you know, it kinda feuls my ego and my uplifts my fragile (as of late) spirit.





Ok, so in accordance with the rules for this, I have to tell you 7 things about myself. Hmmm, here it goes.

  1. I am ADDICTED to my blackberry. I think I might almost need help.
  2. A1 and myself met at a dancing club. However, he was a friend of a friend so it wasnt weird. We instantly clicked and knew there was something special there.
  3. I am a smoker. Its what gets me through the insanity. I was a smoker before I fell pregnant with A and N. The second I found out I quit cold turkey, without any withdrawls. I lasted for about a month after they were born. I do not smoke in the car or the house. My kids are important to me so I respect their environment. 🙂
  4. I have been friends with my best friend since we were 12. She knows everything about me and when we get together its nothing but laughs. Its been tough since the twins came along. I rarely get to visit anymore and she is busy with her career as well. Thank goodness for Blackberry messenger!
  5. I am paranoid, irrational and overthink things waay to much. A1 is totally the opposite. He is the epitomy of calm. I think I’ll probably die before him.
  6. The smallest (and I mean smallest) things can sometimes irritate the crap out of me. For eg. someone breathing. Yes, I am also beginning to think I’m not normal.
  7. This blog was started out of a need for self preservation and letting go of all the frustration that I kept bottled up inside. It has been my saving grace!

OK, and now its time to spread the love. Here are some fab blogs I would love for you to check out! 🙂


This Is Not That Blog

The Reluctant Mom’s Blog

Fancy This…Fancy That

Ironic Mom

Pop on by and say hello!

Thanks again Bridget! 🙂




I’m Branching Out…or at least trying to

Ok, so my ego got the better of me. I didnt think that I would get to this point but I have. And frankly I kinda like it.

I recently registered and got accepted on Top Mommy Blogs! I think its a fabulous little community and a wonderful place to “meet other moms”.

Now you see that badge icon on my side bar (on your left)? The one with the juggling mommy?  Just under the pics of the kids? Yeah, that one. If you click on it you can experience Top Mommy Blogs for yourself. Really is a great site and I reccommend you have a look mommy blogger or not. Oh yes, and everytime you click, its a vote for me! This also helps my ranking on the site.

Ok, and yes, it has boosted my ego a little bit. Today is a shallow day for me. I have those moments all too often. These days anything that can put a smile on my face or make me laugh is top notch in my book!

So go ahead, click that button. An amazing site awaits you! And it’ll put a smile on my face! 🙂