Monday pity party…

​Gather round! Gather round! And let us rejoice in the shittyness that is a Monday! 

I have had a really crappy day at work. I mean just reeaallyy crappy. I woke up this morning and immediately just needed to close my eyes again. That’s how I know. That’s how I know my day, work and otherwise, is going to be straight out crap. No amount of coffee is going to spare me from the misery that is this particular Monday. 

Strangely enough, I do find that sometimes (believe it or not) this doesn’t always happen on a Monday. I know right? Surely there can’t actually be such a thing as a decent Monday? Sometimes ladies & gentlemen, there is. Its rare, but there is. Because sometimes the shittyness likes to vary its days to perhaps an unsuspecting Tuesday or a wind down Thursday. But rest assured its favourite will always be a Monday. 

I soldiered through today and came out a survivor. I’m tired. Bone tired. And yes, its only Monday. My levels of exhaustion has been peaking lately. I need to get back to my base line. And probably get another script for those B12’s which I have been neglecting to do. For the last couple of months. 😱 Same way I have been neglecting to reschedule my specialist appointment. I reckon he won’t be pleased when I do eventually reschedule. 😰

In any case, enough rambling. 

Wishing you all a great week ahead! 

A Little Less Fluff


Serial Toucher

N is what I like to call a serial toucher. She. Touches. EVERYTHING!
I can’t stand it! I know that it probably has a lot more to do with the age my kids are at, but geez, I cannot stand it!

The interesting thing is that A is not as into it as she is. Well, more along the lines of touching and examining it and after being told not to touch, he politely obeys. Weird huh? A kid who on more than one occasion who listens? Yeah, I know, scary. Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments that drive me round the bend, but the touching thing is about to break me!

No matter how many times one speaks, begs, pleads, yells, screams and on occasion smack on the bottom, this kid WILL NOT listen! Wtf?? I almost think she is doing it to get a rise out us! Maybe its for attention rather than being “explorative”. I’m leaning towards the former.

Whatever the reason, it just is inevitably turning me more grey than what I already am.