A New Year, With Some Kind Of New Outlook…

So the working week has finally begun after a well-deserved (and I don’t think I am tooting my own horn here) break.

This is my first post for 2012 as I took a break from blogging as well. I felt I needed to come back refreshed and attempt to have a positive outlook for the year ahead. The slog that was 2011 is behind me and I am trying to get things better all around.

The Festive Season had its fair share of drama that makes me cringe when I think about it.

We went to the in-laws for Christmas day lunch and the kids and family had a wonderful time. Only for A1, myself and A to be struck by food poisoning 24hrs later.

Note: ok, so maybe it was anywhere between 8 – 10 hrs later. And yes it was food poisoning. Some name that is long and complicated to spell and that activates within 8 – 10 hrs of ingesting said infected food (I googled clearly). Was. Not. Amused. The debilitating cramps sucked.

Luckily A had the mild version so wasn’t as sick. N didn’t have it because she is a fussy eater. I had a medium case and A1 had it worse out of all of us. It took the rest of the bloody week for the crap feeling and cramps to subside. Like literally a day before we were to spend New Year’s day lunch at the in-laws.  We survived.

After all of this we finally got to get a bit of a vacation at the coast. Ok, so we live at the coast, but we went to another area of the coast for our holiday. It was hot weather all around. The kids had a blast. We were sunburnt and exhausted. But the kids had fun. We suffered through a terrible tantrum at the mall. But the kids had fun. We didn’t get to do half of what we wanted to do. But the kids had fun. Did I mention we were exhausted? But the bloody kids had fun!

And so this brings me back to where I started. Yes, the work week has begun and so far so good (except for not being able to log into my pc for the first part of the morning. Amazingly I have remained somewhat calm). I am attempting to keep a positive outlook on this and not be as hell bent to put myself into the hospital suffering from a stroke. I will take things at a pace where I will do what I am capable of in the time I have allocated. I will also not be walked all over and will not shut up when I see that things are bordering on bloody ridiculous. Enough is enough and I will NOT be a doormat.

So here is to a super and productive if not zen 2012 folks!

Fluff’s Top 5


Why I Dont  Avoid With All My Might Taking Twins Shopping

*        Two trolleys! If you know how much I hate grocery shopping you will understand.

*        People in general are fascinated with twins. I am tired of the questions.

*        Inevitably one will scream for something like a banshee and I will either die of embarrassment or be looked at annoyingly by patrons for yelling at my two year old like a fish wife.

*        I will forget about half of the things I had on my list because of my frustration with the kids and just wanting to get the hell out of there.

*        Longer period of time spent in store = insane me! Its takes way too long to get the shopping done. More than I would prefer. This is also a contributing factor to the previous point.

Why Life Will Never Be Normal…

I must be honest, I was meant to do a blog post on Friday. I was meant to do one on Saturday too. I was meant too….

 Yeah, funny how that word gets used often in my little world. I reckon the word “normal” should just be chucked out of my vocab completely. Nothing is ever normal.

 Anyways, this is pretty much my weekend round up.

 Friday was chaos as usual upon getting home. The kids (as usual. And I probably sound like a broken record already) were fighting with each other again. I just cannot take the screaming that results from their fighting. I could very well lose my mind by the end of the year. Furthermore not much else as when they eventually fell asleep it was a relaxing evening.

 Saturday was looking better. We dropped the kids off at my folks and went out for a blissful lunch. The winter sun was gorgeous as we sat on the deck of the restaurant and ordered our meal and just chatted in the peace that was sans children. I think everyone should do this once in a while. EVERYONE!

The absolute bliss that is just sitting and relaxing and having a meal with your significant other can do wonders for the soul.

But like all things that must go wrong in my life (coz Murphy is being an utter fecker again!) we went to collect the kids and hubby went off to his usual Saturday gaming club. The kids, for lack of a better word, were possessed again! They could not keep their paws off each other and were determined to kill one another. The screaming, crying etc. carried on until just before bedtime. I had to, at one stage, just walk away. For fear I might actually harm them this time around. I. Just. Walked. Away.

I was planning on doing a blog post and catching up on my emails. I, instead, went to be early with a b*tch of a migraine from the nights’ earlier “activities”.

 Sunday, was, well, Sunday. Attempt at relaxation? None. Kids on their best behavior? None. Slowly wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out again? Check.

 I’m strongly thinking of looking for a doctor of “something” to advise me on the fighting issue between my kids. I am beginning to think that this behavior is not normal. I understand that kids will fight etc. and it is a phase. But when they are doing that more often than not then I reckon it’s time for deeper investigation. The hard core truth is that I honestly don’t think they should be fighting every day. And I mean EVERY day! There is rarely a moment when they play with each other. And if one is off playing very nicely then the other will come and destroy that game and start trouble. I might have to just separate them! But when I put them apart they look for each other. Yet they can’t stand one another!

I honestly don’t know what to do….

I Couldn’t Deal…

It has taken me this long to post this post because it took me this long to recover. The chaos that was last night with the kids was enough to leave my fragile sanity dangling on a thread and it’s close to breaking. Yes, I have recovered, but just enough to function in daily society without being hauled off to the nuthouse!

So last night my father proceeds to drop by and give the kids their potties which he so wonderfully claimed to have bought on Sat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful because they are really nice ones.
He then, against my warning of not too because the kids will practically go ape with it, opens the boxes and gives each kid their potty.
Let me just add here that by now the twins were settled into their relaxing evening routine and quite well behaved.
The kids went nuts! Literally nuts. I think almost they think of it as a toy even if they do know kinda what its for.

Then we tried to take it away as its not a toy to which they started screaming! My father proceeds to then say “well, I brought it here so you gotta try to keep it safe, and I’ll be on my way now”. And he left. He left us to deal with the chaos that was about to ensue!

We tried to be nice and say that it had to be put away and used for potty time. The screaming started. And continued! And eventually after begging and pleading we just took it away as it was about to be broken by my destructive two!
And then all hell broke loose!! N and A pulled out the Grand Master Devil of all tantrums! I’m talking screaming, scratching, attacking us violently, not breathing enough so choking on own spit tantrums!
It took us literally near an hour to get these kids to calm down. Then out of frustration they started attacking each other!

Now we may have handled the situation wrong by, after the 30 minute mark, screaming and shouting at them. But bloody hell what else were we supposed to do? I have never seen my kids this “possessed” so to speak!! I was about to break down.

We managed to EVENTUALLY get them to calm down enough to have their supper and subsequent night bottle later, but after that episode I was left broken and damaged. Bed time rolled around and A was quick to go to sleep. N took another hour!

I think I died a little inside last night…