Weekend Roundup…

My little girl is still snoring like a bear. Poor thing. I have now gone ahead and made an appointment with the ENT specialist to see what exactly the problem is.

I would really hate for it to be that the adenoids need to be removed. Not cool. And I don’t know who would be traumatized more, me or N. In hindsight, I reckon it will probably be me. I know that adenoid removal isn’t the most life threatening surgery you can imagine but the thought of my little girl going for any kind of hospital procedure puts a lump in my throat. Of course I could, as usual, be over reacting. It could actually be something that can be taken care of with meds. Let’s hope so.


We let the kids watch the remake of the Smurfs this weekend. Had to laugh at A coz he kept on saying “Smurppss”. I’m laughing now as I type this. Sadly though N is not amused by the little blue people and tends to shut her ears and hide away. I think its coz they’re blue and weird looking. She did the same with the movie Megamind. Poor A will just have to forget about the “Smurppss” for a while.


I think N’s obsession (and I do mean exactly that) with biscuits is becoming rather alarming. She wants biscuits after breakfast, lunch, supper and also at snack time. She will take other stuff but will always come back to a “bisik”. That’s her word for biscuit.


So Friday I’m on my way home after dropping off L. I’m driving merrily along when all of a sudden I hear like a snapping sound and my clutch drops to the bottom. Shit! Clutch cable snaps while I am driving! I somehow remain cool calm and collected and just kinda managed to put it into neutral and just free it up until I couldn’t go anymore. I managed to get into the road where my folks live and my dad came to tow me up to their place.

It’s going to cost a bit to fix it. I can feel it in my bones.


So I reckon all in all a rather interesting weekend. Hope you all had a fab one. Any interesting stories?

Fluff’s Top 5

Lies and other small fibs I tell my kids

  • You will get another biscuit AFTER you finish your lunch/supper. (please note that by this time they have had waaay too many biscuits in any case so you know I’m not going to be giving them more).


  • If you just go nap/sleep/eat/be quiet (etc. etc. etc. insert your own version here) then we will go tata (go out). (You know we aren’t going anywhere.)


  • It’s broken and it must be thrown away. (It’s not really broken; I just can’t stand the noise that they are making with said object/toy.  And in case you’re wondering, I do give it back. They just think it’s another one.)


  • If you just eat this for mommy, I will give you a biscuit. (Yes, I can sometimes be a briber. But have you met N? She is so fussy with food I think fussy people should avoid her!)


  • Yes, yes! If you just lie still and not kick me in the face while I am changing your nappy, you can bloody get whatever you want! (I somehow regain control of my sanity as I am done changing them. You see a kick to the head can momentarily cause one to say really stupid things.)

Yes, I know none of these are very good parenting techniques and will definitely NOT win me the Mom Of The Year award.