I’ve Been PicMixing….

Yeah, since I cant do Instagram, I’ve been on PicMix.

Here’s just a couple of my, ummm, “works”. 😉


































A Little Reflection

I had some grand post planned. I really did. Something meaningful and wise and wonderful. In truth. I have nothing. I cannot think of one damn thing to say that will sound profound. So I will focus on something of an average nature. Something that maybe will make me smile. Things I have come to realize in my lifetime. Yeah, that’ll do.

You see, today folks, I celebrate my 30th Birthday.

I had some idea of what I wanted to say to my 20 year old self, but then thought about it and came to the conclusion to focus not on the past as such and more on what I have learned in my 30 years of existence.

Either way, here it goes:

I have learned that you can have all the patience in the world. Up until you have children of course. Because somehow, it just seems to dangle by a thread or disappear completely.

I have learned that no matter how sick you are, you will always carry on to see to the needs of your family.

I have learned that no matter what crap day you have had, coming home to smiling faces and kisses can mean the world.

I have learned that no matter how hard you struggle, you will find a way to come out on top in the end.

I have learned that you can be pushed to your limits and be close to a psychotic break and yet still remain sane enough to change a nappy.

I have learned that having that moment with your partner where you laugh together for a good solid five minutes is like heaven.

I have learned that I have aged exponentially faster than what I would have liked. My hair is about at grey as the average 50 year old. My knees and joints are permanently not happy with me. My back hates me. And the dark circles under my eyes make me look like an extra from any one of those zombie movies.

I have come to appreciate sleep.

I am thankful that I have the ability to put the brakes on just before I am about to snap and become some psycho mom.

I have come to learn that I am not alone in this battle (and sometimes blissful) period that is motherhood. I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks the same way I do. And I appreciate all the women who stand up and admit that motherhood is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I have come to learn that no matter what the age, kids will always attempt to outsmart you. The key is to get smarter. 😉

I have learned to appreciate the little things.

I have come to understand that I will never be perfect, but that that fact shouldn’t stop me from aiming high.

I wanted to do 30 of these, but I got tired/distracted again. But I think I have managed to learn quite a bit. 😉

A1 Has Something To Say…

Not so long ago over at Ironic Mom, Leanne had her hubby be a “guest blogger”. It was wonderful.

So I got to thinking and decided why not ask my hubby, A1,  to do a post for me. He kinda looked at me and said “well what do I write about?” I said “anything”.

Well folks this is what he had to say…


 Shoot a gun daddy, shoot a gun!

So my wife recently asked me to do a guest blog post for her.  I was both thrilled and excited….  Ok, so it was not that recent, it was a while ago. And the asking was not really a request rather than an instruction!

So here goes. I have also asked the wife to leave it in its raw unedited text, as that’s what you are going to get as she is clearly my superior in the navigation of the English language.

I have always been a gamer as far as my memory goes back. I have always been able to play on multi platforms and don’t believe I am that bad.  PC has always been my favourite since that was where I was always best.  You might be asking at the moment what exactly my point is. Well it is simply this – every hard-core gamer hopes that someday they will have a kid who has decent co-ordination in order to game just as hard as dad and is at least remotely interested in it.

Since the kids were small, and I have been actively involved in their development and growth, therefore leaving very little time for myself and my passion for gaming… until recently.

The wife’s brother, thankfully is also an avid gamer. Every time we visit and he is gaming A is mesmerised by his gameplay, clearly he is not that bad.

Recently I got an Xbox, just like the wife’s brother, now the expectation is that since they can watch the uncle play, they want to watch daddy play. Fantastic! So when “we” game I set up with controller in hand and them with my old PlayStation controllers, all ready to go.  

In the beginning it was fantastic, the kids demanded that I play and I graciously accepted. It was a win win situation.  That quickly turned sour as A has no bearing on time. Now he demands that I “shoot a gun” at any given moment in his day, be it 5am or 5pm. He clearly doesn’t get that games need to load and clearly believes there should not be cut scenes!

 What have I done, I have created a monster.

Surprises…Who Knew?

My kids surprise me every day. Every day is new. I am astounded by the way that they cannot tolerate each other! The constant fighting (and ultimate scratches and bruising that occurs) is and can be concerning at times. But for the first time that I can actually remember clearly, something amazing happened.

Take last night. They were playing some silly (and by silly I mean it was rather cute) game. Laughter and cuteness all around. All of a sudden they start hugging. At this point my eyes were ready to pop out of my head. Could they actually like each other? It was a total change of pace from me yelling at them to stop fighting.

And then, here’s the clincher folks, N leaned over and gave A a kiss on the nose. And then again on the cheek and so the game continued. She seemed pretty damn proud of herself. I was too. A loves affection and constantly wants to have interaction with his sister. N is just not that type. She couldn’t really worry whether A was around or not. She is, to an extent, a very independent child. She does not strive to be around familiar people and to be the center of attention. If she feels the need for it, she will show it. It all really depends on her mood. And yes, my two year old daughter already has the mood thing down to a fine art!

Back to the story. So this “love fest” continued nearly all the way up to bed time. The longest I have ever seen my daughter be affectionate. I swear it was only after this was said and done that the thought occurred to me that that would have been an awesome Kodak moment. Unfortunately, as always, I am too late.

When this “event”, so to speak, will happen again I do not know. I have a feeling it might not happen again. I have to be more quick with a camera!!

Sunday Play….and Destruction

The kids were actually semi behaved and barely gave me any hassles today! I’m eternally grateful! Sunday’s need to be chilled before the hectic work week starts and for today they seemed to grasp that concept.

Ok, so maybe it’s because I gave them boxes to play with. Their nappy boxes. And yes I buy their nappies in bulk boxes coz its cheaper.

Needless to say, they seemed to enjoy the boxes as well as turning our lounge into what looks like 20 kids were there! Fun, silly and destructive. 🙂

I have no idea what game he was playing!










N approved of this game. However she clearly missed boxman's defeat to the ground!

A decided to pose for a pic. Although I dont think he realises saying "cheese" entails having your eyes open.











N will never be outdone. Although I think she lost interest while posing for this pic!












Need I say more?

Another angle










Doesn't matter which angle you look at it, I still had to clean it all up!















I’m Branching Out…or at least trying to

Ok, so my ego got the better of me. I didnt think that I would get to this point but I have. And frankly I kinda like it.

I recently registered and got accepted on Top Mommy Blogs! I think its a fabulous little community and a wonderful place to “meet other moms”.

Now you see that badge icon on my side bar (on your left)? The one with the juggling mommy?  Just under the pics of the kids? Yeah, that one. If you click on it you can experience Top Mommy Blogs for yourself. Really is a great site and I reccommend you have a look mommy blogger or not. Oh yes, and everytime you click, its a vote for me! This also helps my ranking on the site.

Ok, and yes, it has boosted my ego a little bit. Today is a shallow day for me. I have those moments all too often. These days anything that can put a smile on my face or make me laugh is top notch in my book!

So go ahead, click that button. An amazing site awaits you! And it’ll put a smile on my face! 🙂

Photo Blog…My Little Monsters :)

I think its about time you met my monsters. Enjoy!

A on his way home for the first time!

N on her way home for the first time!

They were so googly eyed!

A year old and they look like pumpkin children! 🙂

"I'm queen of the world!"

"I am soooo cool!"

Dont be fooled by the smile! 😉

She never stands still! Hence the photo turned out this way!

Well now you’ve met the terrible twosome who I adore with all my heart! 🙂