Fluff’s Top 5


Why I Dont  Avoid With All My Might Taking Twins Shopping

*        Two trolleys! If you know how much I hate grocery shopping you will understand.

*        People in general are fascinated with twins. I am tired of the questions.

*        Inevitably one will scream for something like a banshee and I will either die of embarrassment or be looked at annoyingly by patrons for yelling at my two year old like a fish wife.

*        I will forget about half of the things I had on my list because of my frustration with the kids and just wanting to get the hell out of there.

*        Longer period of time spent in store = insane me! Its takes way too long to get the shopping done. More than I would prefer. This is also a contributing factor to the previous point.

Fluff’s Top 5

Ok, I have made it to Friday in one piece! And now its time for….


Top 5 things I yell at my kids…



        You have really no idea how often I say this.


       N absolutely adores to do this. I hate it. Germs, gah!


       I am a bad mother and will not ever win the Mother Of The Year Award. EVER!


       This just drives me insane. I put them on and it literally takes a second for them to take it off! WTF?

 *     “ITS NOT FUNNY!!”

       This is said when I am trying to be stern with them, have reprimanded them etc. Do I just have one of those faces that is funny? I mean really now…


Fluff’s Top 5

Things that make me smile…

  • My hubby and kids. As much as the kids drive me nuts and things seems all over the place, my little family unit is wonderful. I cannot picture life without them.


  • Twitter. I am a slave. A friend of mine drew this nifty pic. Haha!


  • T.V. I love my T.V. series. Again I am a slave to certain shows! Similar to below:


  • My blog. It is my sanctuary and am so happy that I continued with it.


  • Coffee. My lifeline! If I could have it intravenously that would be awesome!


(Side note: I have also become slightly addicted now to my little paint drawings even though I suck at it!!)

Fluff’s Top 5


  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Generally anything with 6 or more legs

I feel I am going to do one general explanation for all of these. I can’t stand them! Inside or outside the house, I can’t stand them. I am paranoid (as I’ve mentioned – a lot) and if I am outside and even see any of the above in my vicinity, I am convinced that:

  1. It is on me.
  2. They will enter the house and violently attack me.
  3. It is on me.
  4. They will stalk me and make sure I pay for my hatred.

Irrational? No, dear friends.

Firstly, I am allergic to mozzie and flea bites. I don’t just get a tiny red itchy dot. I get a huge red itchy bump. Now picture a couple of bites here and there and presto! I look like the elephant man.

Secondly, spiders (all shapes and sizes) have the ability to get anywhere and just breed! Hundreds! Thousands! Ahem, sorry. They are nasty and where I live I have seen some that will dazzle you. Next time I see one I am so posting a pic. We have had one in the past that was the size of a dinner plate. I’m not kidding.

Crawling insects in general are creepy. I cannot handle the fact that they are so disgusting. Six legged little things and their horrible 6 or more legged cousins. Yes, I am of the opinion that they are all related somehow.

Needless to say that the one thing I cannot live without in the house is Bug Spray. Must. Always. Have. Bug. Spray.

Fluff’s Top 5

{Please excuse the lack of a pretty banner that I inserted last week. Tech issues and the site won’t let me upload it! Grrr! It shall be back next week hopefully!}  

Things that freak me out…

I probably have a bijillion (yes, that is a word) of these, but I will list the ones that come to mind first.

  • People who are happy ALL the time.
    (No offence if you fall into this category, its just that I find it a bit unnerving).
  • Touching meat.
    (Have no idea why. Don’t have an issue with chicken or fish though. WTF?)
  • Bugs.
    (Anywhere. Anykind. Freak. Me. OUT!!).
  • People who don’t know the words “personal space”.
    (If I don’t know you and/or am meeting you for the first time please don’t come into my personal space. It makes me claustrophobic. And I feel attacked. Basically want to freak out and run away. Which people then might construe as me being a bitch on the first meeting. I’m not. I can be if pushed, but I’m not generally).
  • Totally freak out when people come to close to my kids (generally because of the twins scenario) and want to coochy coo!
    (Where have your hands been? Makes me sound like a bit of a germaphobe doesn’t it? I am at times totally irrational, but I cant help but think these things).

Something New

Ok, so I thought I would try something fun. Well, I hope at least it will be fun.

I’ve decided to start a ‘FLUFF’S TOP 5…’

This will be a top 5 list of things (anything really) that pop into my head (yeah I know, not sure how original this is, or whether it’s a good idea!). This will be done once a week (Friday, coz I need at least a week to get 5 things that are worthwhile 😉 ). It will also be in no particular order. Just the Top 5 things in whatever the topic is for that week. 🙂

So, without further ado, I give you: 

…Ways To Get A Moments’ Peace!

  •  Give the kids a snack or something. A full mouth is a quiet mouth. (note: obviously this cannot be done all the time, but it it’s at least a couple of moments)
  • Keep certain toys stashed away for a period of time (like a month maybe). Then one day hall them out and watch the magic! Like brand new, it should keep them entertained for at least a bit. Enough for you to just take a breather.
  •  Make up a game which involves quiet time. Eg. (And don’t judge me on this because it works and I get a couple of minute’s peace and quiet instead of rampant, screaming kids) I play a game of “Shhh, we are looking for rabbits”. I send them down to the end of the passage and let them sit in a corner (from the passage you can see into our lounge area and makes for fun investigating or waiting for rabbits to appear. Do whatever works for you though). I tell them to sit quietly and wait for rabbits. Through the giggling it lets them chill and gives me a moment to compose myself. (I know it sounds cruel, but when you think about it, it kind of lets them expand their imaginations. Unfortunately I am not sure how long this will last, as I reckon it might be age dependent).
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, underestimate the power of movie time!
  • Boxes. Large ones. ‘Nuff said!