Thank You…

Just a quick note to all my followers and those who voted for me in the Voiceboks category for Multiples Blogs top 10.
I am very proud to say that I came 13th out of 50 bloggers nominated.
Thank you all who voted and the support.

Much love
A Little Less Fluff


Difference of opinion

About a week and a half ago N was at the doctor due to Tue fact that the day before she was crying in class because of an ear ache. She had been complaining of a sore ear on and off for the last two weeks. I would gently rub behind the ear and check pressure areas to determine if there might be an infection. Whenever I did this she wouldn’t flinch or scream in pain. It would then be over and all was well. The crying in class was when I decided that maybe she needed to see doc and that he would determine what the issue was. My child does not cry in class. She can be sulky at best, but doesn’t cry. So off to the doc she goes.

There was nothing wrong. As in nothing. No blockage ( nice and clear and healthy according to doc) and of course no sign of infection. I was happy. Then came the questions. Does she grind her teeth at night? Is she doing this for attention because her twin brother gets more attention?
I was floored. Really? REALLY?? You think I don’t give her enough attention and now she is coming up with fake ailments do get it? Really? No. The answer to those questions is no. I have been extra careful in that regard. It couldn’t be.

I resolved that evening to engage with her a little more. She seemed fine. Quite content that THE DOCTOR has said her ear was good. Hardly attention seeking right? Then again would she do that just to go to a doc?

Well I have secretly monitored her for a week or more and have not changed my normal interactions with both my children. She is 100% fine. Some happy, dynamic little girl I adore and love so much.

Which brings me to a thought: was it just an attention seeking tactic? Does she merely love going to a doc like a mini hypochondriac? Or was it genuinely aching at the time? I’m still on the fence here.
I would love some feedback from other moms with multiples or moms with children close in age. Has this ever happened to you? Or something similar perhaps?

I’d love to hear the opinions on this, so hit me up in the comments section.


Seriously….here’s the deal…

It occurred to me the other day that in order to not frustrate myself about neglecting to make regular posts on my blog (coz, I really do have stuff to talk about, I just never get that far to typing it out 😦 ), how about I just blog a really good post at least once a week?

My time is so constrained these days that I just cannot blog as regularly as I used to. However I would rather walk over hot coals than see my beloved disappearing into cyber space forever. I have really thought about it and figured the best option was to put up one post every Friday and if I am able to, possibly a post Wednesday and Friday. I know now that it sounds very much like I am declaring my blog a chore. I AM NOT! I love this blog. This blog has helped me vent when I need to and has been a source of comfort to me since my followers are fantastic!

I didn’t start this blog for recognition. I started it out of a need to not perform exorcist type moves and start climbing the walls because of frustrations relating to being a new twin mommy and being at home when I was totally career orientated. It helped give me an outlet that I so desperately needed.

Time has passed since those posts and now I am a working mommy and dealing with the challenges regarding life’s ever changing cycles and the ups and downs that come with it. I see the growth of this blog similar to raising a child. From its fledgling status it has grown into something wonderful to be proud of. I might not have hundreds of followers, but those that are there should know I appreciate each and every one. To actually just try (still) to come to grips that someone out there in cyber space is actually reading what I have to say (even if I must admit that sometimes I tend to ramble and rant a bit too much! ) I am proud and will continue to go forth in the blogosphere! 🙂

Wow, that top bit was really deep.

I mean every word.

PS: I know it’s not Friday today. Haven’t lost the plot quite yet. Still early in the year.