Bah Humbug!

Here’s the deal. I HATE being sick. Number one reason why? Unlike before kids, I now cannot get any rest. Which inevitably results in me feeling crap for longer.

I hate sniffing, blowing my nose and waiting for it to reach my chest which results in a cough that sounds like I’m coughing up a lung. Oh, the joy. I also hate the fact that I probably will (hopefully not this time) pass this to one or both of the kids. Sick toddlers are no fun!

I don’t know why I was under the impression that I was invincible. Maybe it’s because half of the people at work are sick and A1 recently too, and I hadn’t caught it yet. Murphy you are truly a bastard! Luckily I went last week and got enough meds for A1 which now I will be using.

So I’m sitting at work nicely drugged and not a care in the world. Haha. What I think I need is bed rest though. And of course I would get sick when it’s going to be a super busy week at work. So no sick days for me. Can you hear the pity party bells ringing??

I reckon I will continue with the “woe is me” scenario for a bit longer. It makes me feel slightly better.  I was also supposed to start my diet today. That, as you can well imagine, is COMPLETELY out the window until I’m better. I mean it’s not right to start a diet when you’re sick right? RIGHT??

Oh, and did I mention its MONDAY!???


Odds and Ends…

So what do I go and do today? I install TwitVid on my Blackberry. Why you may ask? Because somewhere in my little messed up brain I think I can upload videos to twitter. What videos you may ask? I do not know. I’m still trying to think about why on earth I want to post videos of me (well not of me but of, well let’s say random things).

My Twitter handle is “winxatU”. Come find me. I warn you though, my tweets are not always about mommy things and I occasionally swear more for some reason and sometime I talk the biggest load of crap. So come find me at your own peril. 😉

PS: I have yet to post said TwitVid. I think as I’m typing this my bravery has called it a day and left. I will not uninstall the app however. Bravery might still try and make an appearance!


We have a long weekend coming up. Last day of work today until Monday again. I’m happy yet apprehensive. The kids are going to be all over. Luckily it’s just the one public holiday tomorrow while the next day is just a university holiday. Which means it is mandatory that we don’t come to work on Friday. A1 still goes to work on Friday and dear L will be there on Friday. Hey! I might even go get my hair done on Friday!! Can you hear the applause? Or is it just in my head?


Work has been looking up lately. I have been informed that I will be acting in an HR consultant position. Meaning I will do a lot more than the arbitrary paper work and such. I will be handling interviews, making offers etc. Hopefully when that position is advertised and I apply it will be as good as mine. We hope!


Its official, I have picked up weight (again!) I was doing so well. These pants I’ve got on today are slowly suffocating me! (Hmm, maybe the pants have shrunk?) I will not show it. Nope. Will not. The fact that sitting is becoming harder by the second and the temptation to loosen a button is becoming unbearable will not deter me from giving the game away. I shall start (clearly only after the long weekend duh!) with the diet plan asap! And the next time I wear these pants it will fit perfectly and not try to cut off my circulation! (stupid pants!)


I am on a cold fighting mission. A1 currently has one and yesterday I practically bought up a whole pharmacy so he could take meds and get better real quick. The colds and flu’s that are going around at the moment are (according to reports) rather bad. Once he is better I think we are all going to go get that dreaded flu shot. The new flu vaccine apparently has something added in to prevent Swine Flu as well, which is particularly dangerous for little ones and old people. So I should get my finger out my rear and get it done!  I also really can’t afford to get sick right now. Well can mommies really afford to get sick period??