I Dont Usually Make A List, But…

Summer is here with a bang and we have been having temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius for the better part of two weeks. It’s hot, humid, dry and miserable all combined. I think of all the things Summer has done to make me more irritable and have come up with the following:

 1)      It’s hot and sticky one moment and then also dry the next.

2)      Mosquitoes! Enough said.

3)      I don’t know what it is about evening time (not that it is cooler!) but any and every type of creepy crawly you can think of is out there! Ready to pounce on you and eat   you alive! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but geez it sucks.

4)      THIS!!!


5)      My kids are not sleeping well. (read: we are not sleeping well)

6)      One would think that this is the perfect weather to go to the beach. It’s not. The sun is too hot and you will burn. Seriously, you will burn. Better option would be to go to a pool at about 17h00 in the afternoon into evening as you are less likely to burn to a crisp.

7)      My kids are not sleeping well (read: me and not sleeping spells disaster)

8)      No matter how many cool showers you take you will sweat worse than you were before.

9)      Your hair will permanently give off the impression that you didn’t blow dry or straighten it.

10)      No matter what you wear, your clothes will stick to you like lint on a woolen jumper.


Should I Be Concerned?

My children are hooligans. Really they are.

They are destructive. Of which I am sure I have mentioned this before.


Now A, as of late, seems to think or live (I dunno) the fact that he is an army man. He takes any little object (a guitar, blocks that are made in the shape of a gun, or any other random toy) and prances around like he is walking through the jungles of Niquaragua. I mean really. He is stalking something to shoot. He also has fake battles. Amusing and concerning to watch really.

Yesterday was one of those times that were concerning however. He was in the throws of playing when L asked him to bring her his takkies (sneakers). He was in the middle of his game, picked them up and threw them at her. One rogue takkie landed square on her nose. To which she, being an easy bleeder, got a nose bleed. A nose bleed which carried on and off for about 2 hours. She maintains it was an accident as he was playing. But I feel like dirt that my kid is so rough and nonchalant about just doing things like this. I feel bad. She says its ok. I think its not. Both A1 and I reprimanded him last night. He didn’t seem to grasp what we were on about. Maybe he had forgotten about it since it happened in the afternoon. I actually am at a loss here.

I have taken the liberty to show you (in a drawing) what we see and what he thinks he is in his mind.


Most of the time he can be like this….

All of the time (probably) in his mind he is like this….

Snot Brigade…

We all hate getting sick.

I can’t stand it. The mere thought of snot everywhere, and not being able to breathe and a fever is just sucky. Of course as luck would have it, that is exactly where I am right now.

You see A has a cold. That type of cold where the nose doesn’t stop running and it progressively becomes thicker and greener. It’s gross. He obviously doesn’t care. I do. I have been trying my utmost not to be a germaphobe and concentrate on him getting better. I have also been very careful not to try and catch said cold. Apparently not careful enough.

He is now in that stage of half better half sick and in the process (of one day mind you! One freaking day!) I have gone from


So healthy and wonderful!

To this…


And to make matters worse? N hasnt caught it yet. Neither has A1. So the snot brigade is to stay in our house just a little longer.

I Clearly Need A “Pick Me Up”…

Wow! I am unbelievably tired right about now.

This will most probably carry on until I get to bed tonight. It sucks really. I mean I feel like a sloth. Everything is just in slow motion and my eyes are currently battling the forces of gravity to stay open! Also battling to type this post. I have checked and rechecked for spelling in this paragraph alone!

 I wasn’t that bad this morning really. I thought it was going to be a good day in the “energy of myself” department. Except somewhere in between arriving at work and now (which is close to lunch time), every amount of “energy” has been sapped from me and I my brain feels like mash.

 So I went from this…..



To this…..

And in this state I shall be until my head hits the pillow for what I can only assume is called “sleep”.

Show Some Love…

I am always on the lookout for blogs that make me laugh.

I currently am laughing my ass off (or practically wetting my pants) at two wonderfully funny blogs. One of which is on my blog roll.

Kendall from This Is Not That Blog is witty, and funny as hell. She tells it like it is and her drawings are hysterical! Pop on over and say hi ok?

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